What’s the best haircut for your face shape

If you are having a hard time figuring out which should be your next hairstyle, here are some tips to choose the best haircuts for your face shape.

man getting hair cutChoosing the right haircut can be a huge deal for many men, mainly because you can’t change it everyday as you please. Therefore, you need to take some time, think of all the options you have and which ones suit you better.

Liking your friend’s haircut is not enough to choose it for yourself. It is important to make sure that said hairstyle is the right one for your features as well. And, of course, not all haircuts look good on everybody.

Before you make your next appointment with your barber or hairdresser, you might want to check out these tips to corroborate that you are making the right call.


What is your face shape?

As you can imagine, the first step before picking out your new haircut is to figure out which face shape you have. There are seven types of face shapes in total: from round, rectangle, square and oval faces, to triangle, diamond and heart shaped ones.

But how can you determine which one is your type? You will need a tape measure, a piece of paper and get ready to make some notes. You need to measure your forehead from the top of one eyebrow to the other one. Then measure your cheekbones from the pointiest part of one side to the other one.

Next step is to measure from the middle of your chin all the way to your ear, and then multiply this number by two. And finally, to measure the length of your face start at the centre of your jawline to the tip of your chin.

With these measurements you will be able to determine what is your face shape and then which is the best haircut for you. If you have trouble taking these measurements all by yourself, you can also ask a friend or partner for help.


Round, rectangle, oval and square shaped faces

Round faces are usually characterized for having no pronounced lines or angles. Because of that, men with circular or chubby shaped faces should take advantage of haircuts that add definition to their faces, that is hairstyles that provide structure.

In other words, if you have a round face then think about a square haircut. For instance, a flat top or a side part haircut will work perfectly. If you are up for the challenge, you could also add a front fringe or grow a full square beard. This last trick will create the appearance of a sharp natural jawline.

For more insight on this matter, here are the best medium length beard styles. The side part hairstyle also works well with rectangle, oval and square shaped faces. Although certain haircuts look good on different features, there are a few things you need to keep in mind for rectangle styles.

You need to avoid adding more length to the top of your head, as this will only elongate your face even more. This can happen if you cut the sides of your hair too short as well. You need to focus on proportions: don’t take too much from the sides and don’t leave too much hair on top either.

On the contrary, you want to add width to your face, which you can do by choosing a haircut that falls into the sides or into your forehead too. In this case, long beards are not the best option as they will only make your face appear longer and more rectangular to other people’s eyes.

With oval faces there are more alternatives to choose from, as it is a very versatile shape. You need to add volume and angles on top, so you should take the hair off your forehead. A smooth slick back hairstyle is perfect to frame your face: it is known for being short in the back and on the sides, but longer on top.

However, you can also try buzz or crew cuts, or even French crops. If you are a guy with an oval shaped face then you can opt for going beardless or you could also take advantage of a proper mustache. It is a similar situation with square faces as you can try both short or long hairstyles. Square faces are easy to work with because they feature even proportions and a defined jawline.

If you have a busy lifestyle and you are looking for a haircut that doesn’t require much attention, you can take a look at these low maintenance men’s hairstyles too.


Heart, triangle and diamond shaped faces

When it comes to heart shaped faces, it is all about working with proportions. The best haircuts, in this case, are medium and long length styles. You want to avoid short, tight haircuts that will only make your face look narrower on the chin and wider on the forehead.

Moreover, you can opt for a full beard to add volume in the chin and jawline area. This works great with diamond-shaped faces too. In this case, the chin and brows tend to be narrower than the cheeks, which is why a fringe is also a great option.

Guys with diamond-shaped faces should opt for haircuts that add width to the chin and forehead, in order to make the face well proportioned. For example, a shaggy or shoulder length hairstyle. For more ideas, check out these classic men’s hairstyles. Be careful with going too short on the sides, as these haircuts could make your ears look bigger and your cheeks look wider.

Last but not least, there are triangle faces. You have to do the exact opposite to heart shaped faces: you need to add more volume on top. A haircut with a quiff or prominent bangs will add depth and make your face look more proportioned.  We hope these tips helped you feel more confident for your next barber’s appointment.