Classic men’s hairstyles

Looking for a new haircut? Check out these 6 classic men’s hairstyles that never go out of fashion.

Classic men's hairstyles can improve your lookWe can all agree that choosing your hairstyle is a very important decision. Unlike other accessories, you can’t change your hairstyle as if it was a pair of sneakers. Besides, it’s also the first thing people see when they look at you and it’s quite hard to cover up if you mess it up.

Therefore, choosing a hairstyle can be quite challenging, especially if you don’t even know what to ask the hairstylist. You need to think about your style, your personality and your lifestyle.

Don’t worry, there’s no need to panic because we’ve got your back. Get inspired with these timeless men’s hairstyles, which won’t demand much time and energy.


The French Crop

First on our list is the French crop. It is taking the lead because it’s a hairstyle that suits almost all face shapes.

The French crop is a classic men's hairstyle that works well for many menThe volume on the top and on the sides of the head is kept balanced, although you can also customize it considering your face, hair type and desired length. For example, if you are experiencing receding patches, you can slightly modify the French crop’s proportions by taking the hair slightly forward. It’s all about complimenting your natural features.

Another positive aspect is that it doesn’t need much attention: you don’t need to apply any products for it to look good and you can wear it naturally as it is. If you want a sleeker finish, then you can blow dry it in the direction you want your hair to sit and use a pomade to style it.

Moreover, this is a hairstyle that doesn’t require frequent visits to the barber shop. A trim once in a while is just fine, so it won’t take up much time (or money) to keep it on point. It’s simple, versatile and has survived for generations.

By the way, if your looking for something similar but with a little more edge, check out our full article on the American Psycho haircut.


The Slick Back

The slicked back hair has been around since the early ‘20s, so we can confirm it’s a timeless choice. And it’s also a statement.

Slicked back hair is a low maintenance men’s hairstyleIt might not be the best option if you have curly or thick hair, as it will be hard to work it into a slick back style. And it’s not a great alternative if you have a receding hairline either, as it will only make it more prominent and noticeable.

Aside from those scenarios, this hairstyle is suitable for long, rectangle and oval face shapes. It’s perfect for framing the face: in particular, it looks great on men who are growing a beard or mustache.

The slick back hairstyle is known for the hair being very short and tight in the back and on the sides, while it grows heavier on top. It’s a sutil, smooth transition.

If you’re wondering how to style it, there are two options. You can blow dry it using a brush or you can also use a pomade and comb while it is still damp. That is really up to you and your personality, either way it will always look modern.


The Buzz Cut

Looking for a haircut simpler than the French crop? Then the answer is the buzz cut. You may already know that it is not suitable for all men, but if you’re lucky enough to be born with a proportionate shaped head, then it’s a great hairstyle.

A buzz cut is a low maintenance men’s hairstyleIt looks particularly good on men with oval or round face shapes. The buzz cut has been in style for decades now: it focuses all the attention around the face and it requires zero maintenance. Maybe one of the reasons why it has become a classic hairstyle among men.

If you weren’t blessed with a perfect jawline, you can also try similar variations to make it work for you. For example, you can ask your barber to make it more square around the head and leave a little more length on top.

It’s definitely a less drastic alternative to shaving your entire head.


The Side Part

Truly an iconic hairstyle, the side part cut can be approached in many ways. It can look youthful or mature, smooth or textured. Similar to the slick back haircut, the side part hairstyle is very short on the sides and longer on top.

Whether you have a rectangle, oval, square or round face shape, this hairstyle works for them all. A glossy finish will bring back old times, while a matte finish is a modern interpretation.


The Shoulder Length Cut

Elegant, natural and low maintenance. You can never go wrong with the shoulder length cut.

While it is perfect for men with wavy hair, guys with thin hair should avoid it. The whole point of this style is letting your hair loose and free, so if you have finer hair it will most likely look flat or lifeless. Straight hair can also be challenging  for this haircut as it will be difficult to make it stay in place.

On the other hand, if you would like to decrease the volume of your hair, you can try layering or undercutting it.

Because the shoulder length cut is all about the natural feel, the less styling products you use, the better. Nonetheless, you can always apply moisturizer to keep it healthy, especially if you have very curly hair. If you’re looking for softness then you can add salt spray too.


The Shaped Afro

Also known as the hi-top fade, this is a classic hairstyle for men with afro or extremely curly hair. It’s not particularly versatile, but there is still room for variations.

A piece of advice: before checking in for your appointment, look for inspiration on the different styles you can ask for. In particular, pay attention to the degree you’d want your hair to point out because once you cut it, there’s no coming back.

When it comes to styling a shaped afro, you can use a brush or pick to keep it in shape.