Mohair Suit Guide for Men

If you want to find a guide to mohair suits for men you are in the perfect place, in this article we will tell you what a mohair suit is and what makes it such a special suit for men.

blue mohair suitThe term mohair is not something very well-known these days, that’s why we are going to make a brief summary and explanation of the definition of this term. To begin with, we can say that the functionality of mohair makes it the first technical fiber in tailoring. mohair is made by mixing the wool of ordinary sheep with the hair of the undercoat of angora goats. The result of blending the two components is a single fabric with a generally high color/weight composition. The benefit of this is that you get a material that is warm, but without weighing you down. The cost of the suits obviously varies according to the type of material and the quality of the material.

Mohair suits rose to popularity in the 1970s as this was the era during which they were most commonly worn. The Mod movement is one of the subcultures that drove the movement of the use of these suits. These are made of an extremely durable and reprintable fiber, which places it in a category of luxury fabrics. It has a shiny finish and is often polished to prevent it from shining so much and to make it more similar to other textiles.

Mohair suits for men are appropriate attire when attending formal events as well as meetings or gala parties. Mohair suits give glamour, a touch of class and provide attitude.  To make a good transition to a casual or daytime look they also go very well. For example, we can say that blue mohair suits are ideal for attending weddings or daytime parties during the summer where you need to dress casual, but with a touch of formality.


Types of mohair suits


The Reiss style mohair suit is an ideal suit for all occasions. It can go great in a formal event, an evening party or even perfect for traveling. It is something different from the classic-colored suits.


The Cordings style is a suit that should be used in more informal events. This type of suit is often regarded as being the perfect blue mohair suit.

 John Lewis

This suit will be a workhorse in your wardrobe – the John Lewis style mohair suit is ideal for any occasion. It is a totally affordable buy, and the sheen and luster of the mohair will add shine to your meetings and formal events, which will make you dazzle and shine.

Richard James

The Richard James style is ideal for warmer climates. Suits in this style go very well with simple colored shirts so that the fabric will make you radiate even more.

Ted Baker

Ted Baker style mohair suits are ideal for evening events. The black suit with a bit of soft sheen will bring out the perfect sharpness and the straight drape will give you an amazing wrinkle-free look.

Mohair fabric can be used for garments, ties, hats as well as for interior decoration of homes, offices or even premises. Unfortunately, it is a very expensive fabric and therefore so are the items made with this fabric, but it should be noted that as a benefit in return for its price it is an extremely durable fabric. This makes it a product with a highly recommendable quality-price ratio.

Characteristics of mohair suits

Durability: given the characteristics of the fabric, this type of suits will last a very long time. It is one of the highest ranking fabrics given the fibers that it has as its main component, this is so because they are made of natural bristles. Therefore, mohair garments will last longer than those made of cotton or wool.

Resistance to dirt and wrinkling: The soft scales of the mohair fiber prevent dirt from soaking into the fabric, thus preventing it from being trapped and the fabric from wrinkling.

Insulating: mohair fabric works perfectly as an insulator; this is because wool is a conductor of heat. It is an ideal fabric for both warm and cold climates.

Luster: this has to do with the finish that the fabric has received and the mixture within its components, mohair can have a strong or faint sheen.

Mohair suits are generally made in blue colors. This is because, unlike other natural fibers, mohair is a fabric that receives blue dyes very well. As a consequence there are many mohair suits made in blue colors and all varieties of this color.


It is good to know what color to have suits that can go for every occasion. Suits made of Mohair are generally made in blue colors. This is because, unlike other natural fibers, mohair is a fabric that receives blue dyes very well. As a consequence, there are many mohair suits made in blue colors and all varieties of this color.

Travelers often choose suits made of this material because of its moisture absorption and wrinkle-resistant qualities, which means they won’t have to spend time trying to iron it as it is a non-crease fabric.

One of the most iconic blue mohair suits that appearing in the movies was the one worn by Michael Caine in Get Carter. It was a 3-piece ensemble in a midnight blue tone with single breasted, Italian pockets, high notch lapel and slightly flared pants. A decade earlier a young Sean Connery staring as James Bond in the 1962 007 film Dr. No also wore a blue mohair suit.


Mohair changes drastically depending on the composition of components it has. There is 100% mohair although it is really very rare to find it as it would be totally natural. It is not a recommended composition as it will feel harsh to the skin. There is also the one that is 70% mohair and 30% wool, although it is a very difficult blend to find as it has a very vivid sheen and on the other hand it is still uncomfortable because of the stiffness it has. Fabrics with 35% mohair and 65% wool are the most recommended as they tend to be softer and more delicate, still retain their luster perfectly and do not wrinkle easily.