How a man should dress for his own wedding

Being a guest at a formal event means looking sharp, without outshining the hosts. However, your wedding day is your time to shine. Here’s what you need to know about wedding attire for men.

What a groom wears for his wedding is importantIt is a very important day in your life and it deserves your best self. From head to toes, you need to look on point and that is not just for the photos. It’s a special moment in your life and so should be your outfit.

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Choosing the right look for your wedding will depend on several elements: the location where the ceremony is taking place and at what time, what is your personal style, what is your partner planning to wear and so on.

Nonetheless, there are a few basic guidelines about the wedding dress code for men that you should always take into consideration.


Which styles are out there?

A single breasted two-piece suit is a classic fit and timeless option for your wedding day. A simple, two-button jacket is youthful, modern and it looks good on all men.

A double-breasted suit is more formal than the previous one, but it adds weight to the wearer and it’s not as comfortable. The third style option is the three-piece suit, which includes a vest or waistcoat underneath the jacket. This option is as formal as the double breasted suit, but it’s a little more versatile.

That is because during the party you can take off the jacket and be more comfortable, while maintaining the same elegance thanks to the vest.

If you are looking for fancier alternatives, then you might want to consider a tuxedo or a single breasted morning suit as well.


What are the best colors?

A solid or semi-solid dark suit 一such as charcoal gray or deep navy blue一 is always a safe bet. On one hand, because these are the most elegant options and, on the other hand, because they pair well with most bridal styles. Try matching them with a light colored shirt and a subtle tie to maintain the elegance.

Groom wearing light gray for summer weddingHaving said that, those are not necessarily the only colors appropriate in wedding attire for men. Let’s say you are getting married at the beach or at a summer-like location. In this case, a lighter shade of gray or blue, or even a khaki colored suit are better options.

For this style, the right dress shoes are bluchers. For a black-tie suit and tuxedo, we recommend Oxford Balmoral shoes and patent leather Oxfords, respectively.

Patterns aren’t off the table, however, there are two things you should take into account. First of all, heavy patterns could clash with your partner’s style. And, on the other hand, there are certain prints (like pinstripes or glen checks) that are often associated with the business environment.

A black suit is often the first option that comes to mind and it’s not a wrong choice. Nonetheless it’s not the best alternative for the boyfriend either. A black suit is every groomsman’s choice and you want to do the opposite to that, which is to stand out from the crowd.

On that same note, you want to avoid wearing white too, as it’s usually a bride’s color of choice. If that’s the case, then opt for a cream suit instead.


Fit is everything

During your wedding day, it is normal to expect setbacks, but your fit shouldn’t be one of them. A ceremony of this kind takes preparation and a lot of consideration, and your look should be on top of that list.

Make time to search for inspiration, visit several shops, try on different alternatives and book an appointment with a tailor if necessary. In fact, you might need to book more than one meeting.

For more insights on this matter, these are the types of suits every man should own.


Buy, rent or re-wear?

A lot of men think that in order to look sharp on their wedding day they need to spend a large amount of money. But that’s not the case. In fact, you might have bought a brand-new suit for the ceremony, but if it doesn’t look flawless on you, then what was the point of investing in it.

renting a suit for groom to wear for his weddingAs long as the suit looks good on you, fits well and it’s in excellent condition, it doesn’t matter if you already owned it, you rented it or you bought it new. On the other hand, if that was the case and you bought it brand-new, you can still wear it for future formal events too.

Our advice is: set your budget, talk with your partner about the wedding dress code for men (that includes the groomsmen), review your options and make sure to start as early as you can. It’s best to have time to spare than to run at the last minute.


What about accessories?

Contrary to what many believe, the wedding dress code for men is actually varied when it comes to accessories.

You could wear a belt, suspenders, a tie or bowtie, and even a boutonnière, for example, which is the floral arrangement that goes on the left side of your jacket. Of course, you are not meant to wear them all at once, but it means you have a variety of options to choose from.

When it comes to accessorizing your look, try playing with different shades and contrasting details. If your suit, necktie, pocket square and even your boutonnière are all of the same color, then there will be no depth or personality in the outfit.

As we said earlier, it’s better to stay away from patterns. However, if you want to add an interesting, personal element to the look, you could try a subtle pattern for your necktie or bowtie.

Pro tip: red ties are a no-go in wedding attire for men because they have become a statement piece for work matters.