The Best Mustache Waxes

Greetings, mustache aficionados! Chances are you’re on a quest to find the perfect mustache wax. Well, look no further!

In this article, we’ll be sharing our top picks for the best mustache waxes on the market, including the strongest holds and unscented options. Whether you’re new to the world of mustache wax or a seasoned pro, we’ve got something for everyone.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it!


Best Mustache Waxes

As someone who has experimented with countless mustache waxes, I can confidently say that finding the right one can be a daunting task. With fixation, application, and ingredients all playing a role in the decision-making process, it’s no wonder that many users find themselves feeling confused and overwhelmed.


That’s why we’ve put together this mustache wax review roundup – to help you cut through the noise and find the best mustache wax for your unique needs. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and discover the strongest, most versatile, and unscented mustache waxes on the market!



Best All-Around Mustache Wax

Clubman Mustache WaxAs someone who’s tried countless mustache waxes, I can say with confidence that Clubman is one of the best all-around options on the market. What sets it apart for me is the included applicator brush – it’s perfectly designed to make application a breeze, ensuring an even coat every time. The result is a soft, natural-looking mustache that maintains its shape throughout the day. Plus, when it comes time to wash it out, Clubman is one of the easiest waxes to remove without leaving any unwanted residue.

One minor drawback to note is the packaging – while some may find the dispenser practical and easy to use, I personally prefer a different type of packaging for my mustache wax. However, this is a minor issue compared to the many benefits Clubman offers. The product is unscented, so there’s no need to worry about artificial fragrances lingering on your skin, and it’s suitable for all hair types.

Overall, I highly recommend giving Clubman a try if you’re looking for a reliable, versatile mustache wax that won’t let you down.

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Strongest Mustache Wax

Fisticuffs Strong Hold Mustache WaxWhen it comes to mustache wax, finding the right one can be a game-changer. As someone who has tried almost every wax on the market, I can confidently say that I’ve had both good and bad experiences. That’s why when I discovered the Fisticuffs Strong Hold Mustache Wax, it quickly became my go-to for when I needed the strongest possible mustache wax.

Let me start by saying that the scent of this wax is great. I opted for the sandalwood scent, which wasn’t overpowering and gave my mustache a nice aroma throughout the day. The wax itself is quite hard and took some effort to scrape out of the container, but once I warmed it up between my fingers, it became more workable. I was able to apply it to my mustache evenly after a few tries, and it gave me a good hold.

However, I did notice that the hold didn’t last as long as I had hoped. After 4-5 hours, I found myself needing to reapply or fix my mustache, even though the hold seemed strong at first.

Overall, I think this is a very good product. It smells nice, is easy to apply, and has a strong hold. If you’re on the hunt for a mustache wax with extreme solidity, then this is the wax for you.

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Best Unscented Mustache Wax

Can You Handlebar Mustache WaxCan You Handlebar is my go-to unscented mustache wax, and for several reasons. It’s truly an unscented wax, having only the faintest small of beeswax. Plus, I love that it is made with all-natural ingredients and doesn’t damage facial hair or irritate your skin at all.

What I appreciate most about this wax is that you can use a small amount for a light hold or a bit more for a better hold, depending on your preferences. The scent is very subtle, while the product itself is easy to work with. It’s a good solid mustache wax that holds great, and the minimal scent doesn’t detract from its effectiveness.

The tin that Can You Handlebar comes in is also well-crafted and fits snugly in your pocket. It’s a smooth and sleek design that is easy to carry with you wherever you go.

Overall, this is the perfect everyday wax, and my top pick for the best unscented mustache wax!


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In conclusion, I hope this article has helped you narrow down your options when it comes to finding the best mustache wax for your unique needs. From the strongest holds to unscented options, we’ve covered some of the best products on the market.

Remember, when selecting a mustache wax, it’s important to consider the fixation, application, and ingredients to ensure you find a product that works best for you.

And for those in need of a great mustache comb, be sure to check out our article on the best mustache comb. With the right mustache wax and a quality comb, you’ll be well on your way to achieving the perfect mustache.

Happy waxing!