Decoding the Best Razors: Your Guide to a Flawless Shave

A man shaving with a bad razorEvery man knows a bad razor when you see it. It nicks, cuts, & leaves razor burn. They often feel like they’re pulling your hair out, not cutting, and that isn’t to mention the cost or availability of replacement cartridges or their un-ergonomic handle. But what makes a good men’s razor?

In this article we’ll break down what makes a good men’s razor by discussing the following criteria: effectiveness of cut, ergonomics & economics.

Enough talk, let’s dive in.


Our Top Pick

You’re busy, I get it, so if you’d rather just cut to the chase then you won’t go wrong by purchasing the Gillette Mach3 Men’s Signature Edition.

Gillette Mach3 Men’s Signature Edition

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Like all Mach3 razors, this one features 3 blades that ensure a clean, efficient cut, without nicks or burns. And, unlike razors with 5 or more blades, this one is still nimble enough to get the fine contours of your chin & upper lip without effort.

Best of all, the Mach3 has been out long enough that replacement blades are easily available and very cost effective.

For those looking for a lower price point the regular Mach3 is a solid choice, but for a little more the signature edition rewards you with a comfortable handle and dedicated stand for a more premium experience at an affordable price.


Effectiveness of Cut

A razor’s primary purpose is clear-cut: to deliver a smooth, irritation-free shave. It should be an experience that leaves no room for nicks, cuts, or that dreaded razor burn. A good razor feels like a trusted companion, effortlessly gliding across your skin, removing hair with precision.

Above all else, a good razor must be effective at cutting. It shouldn’t nick or irritate your skin and should get even the most difficult areas with ease.

One of the standout features of any effective razor is its nimbleness. It should effortlessly navigate the fine contours of your chin and upper lip. No more awkward angles or uneven patches; a quality razor adapts to your face with ease.

Quality razors achieve this by adding pivot points to the head of the razor. To best illustrate this, picture the cheap Bic disposable razors you can pick up for pennies a piece. These are rigid pieces of plastic with a razor blade affixed at the end. Even the blade itself is rigid, mounted with fixed clips at either end.

This is the opposite of how a quality razor is constructed.

To efficiently cut close to the skin, despite the contours of your face, a quality razor features a pivoting head that allows the blades to track your face as you move it along. Additionally, they feature multiple razor blades, each independent mounted on flexible mounts that allow each blade to likewise deflect with the curvature of your face.

There are extremes here. Quality razors feature multiple blades, but more blades also means that the whole cutting area itself is larger. The results in difficulty getting small areas like the dimple of your chin or your upper lip.

In my opinion the right balance here is 3 blades, like those found on the Gillette Mach3, Bic Comfort 3, or the Schick Xtreme 3.

Four and five blade options exist, and they’re very popular. However, it is my opinion that such blade gain little in comfort and trade a lot in agility. Admittedly such razors often feature a precision blade on the opposite side to compensate for such their decreased agility, but now the razor cartridges cost more, and your shaving routine is slightly more cumbersome – no thanks.

Ergonomics of a Good Razor

Razor with comfortable handleHow a razor feels, both on your face and in your hand, plays a huge factor in determining your overall happiness with a razor. A well-designed razor handle should provide a comfortable grip, allowing for precise control during the shave. It should feel balanced and secure, even when wet. This ensures that you can navigate the contours of your face with confidence, avoiding any accidental nicks or cuts.

Moreover, the weight distribution of a razor contributes significantly to the overall experience. A razor that’s too heavy can lead to fatigue during an extended shave, while one that’s too light might not provide enough feedback for a controlled, close cut. Striking the right balance in weight and distribution is key.

When it comes to the razor head, it should glide smoothly across the skin, adapting effortlessly to the curves and angles of your face. This adaptability minimizes the need for excessive pressure, reducing the risk of irritation or razor burn. Additionally, a well-designed razor head should allow for easy rinsing, preventing hair and shaving cream buildup that could hinder the cutting process.

In essence, the ergonomics of a razor are as vital as its cutting efficiency. A razor that feels like an extension of your hand, moving harmoniously across your face, not only ensures a more enjoyable shaving experience but also leads to a smoother, more precise shave overall. So, when considering a razor, pay close attention to how it feels in your hand and against your skin – it’s a game-changer.

Economics of the Best Razors

Affordability and availability of refill cartridges are crucial factors in determining the overall value of a razor. A good razor should not only provide a quality shave but also offer cost-effective and accessible replacement cartridges.

First and foremost, consider the longevity of the refill cartridges. A razor with cartridges that last longer between replacements ultimately translates to fewer expenses over time. Look for razors that strike a balance between durability and cutting effectiveness, ensuring that each cartridge provides an optimal number of shaves.

Furthermore, the cost of replacement cartridges should be reasonable and in line with the quality of the razor. It’s important to avoid razors where the cost of refills significantly outweighs the initial investment in the razor itself. A good razor should provide excellent value over the long term.

Availability is another key consideration. Refill cartridges should be easily accessible, whether through local retailers or online platforms. This ensures that you won’t face any inconvenience or delays in obtaining replacements when you need them.

Additionally, some razors offer subscription services for refill cartridges, providing a convenient and potentially cost-effective way to ensure you always have fresh blades on hand. This can be a beneficial option for those seeking a hassle-free approach to cartridge replenishment.

In summary, a good razor not only excels in providing a superior shave but also demonstrates economic value in terms of refill cartridges. It should offer longevity, reasonable costs, and convenient accessibility for replacements. By considering these factors, you can make a savvy choice that not only elevates your shaving experience but also aligns with your budgetary considerations.


The Mach3 in More Detail

As we discussed on the outset, the Mach3 is our top choice, but why?

Let’s do a deeper dive into each of our three criteria—effectiveness of cut, ergonomics, and economics—and learn more about why we love this razor so much.

Effectiveness of Cut

At the core of the Mach3’s brilliance lies its three-blade design, a testament to refined engineering tailored for optimal shaving results. This configuration strikes an impeccable balance, ensuring a clean, precise cut without the unwelcome companions of nicks, cuts, or the dreaded razor burn. Unlike razors boasting a surplus of blades, the Mach3 remains agile and adept at navigating even the most intricate contours of your face, effortlessly reaching the chin and upper lip. This translates to a consistently smooth finish, eliminating the need for laborious touch-ups.


The Mach3 transcends beyond mere functionality, extending its prowess to the realm of ergonomic excellence. A razor should feel like a natural extension of your hand, facilitating a fluid and controlled shaving motion. The Mach3’s unstated handle embodies this principle, offering a comfortable grip that instills confidence in every stroke. Its design is a testament to the fusion of form and function, ensuring that you can maneuver with precision and ease, effortlessly adapting to the unique topography of your face, without the overly showy splash of some other razors.


The Mach3 isn’t just great on your face, it’s great on your wallet. It’s no secret that razor companies make their money off the refills, but thankfully the Mach3 has been on the market for long enough that replacement cartridges are both plentiful and cost effective.

And while many factors play a role in the longevity of a blade, the Mach3’s three-blade design easily lasts me a month or more of daily shaving. And when I need more, they’re easily obtained online and at my corner drug store, meaning that even if I forget to reorder, I’m never likely to have to do without.



In conclusion, a superior shaving experience blends precision with comfort, making each stroke effortless and irritation-free. A well-designed razor should feel like an extension of your hand, enhancing not only the result but also the experience. By consider the long-term value of refill cartridges, you’ll ensure that quality grooming remains accessible and cost-effective for years to come.

Happy grooming!