How to wear a black blazer

Black is a timeless classic, as powerful as it is sexy, yet despite the appeal of wearing black many men prematurely dismiss the black blazer out of fear of looking monochromatic. Thankfully with some practical tips wearing a black blazer can be a fun way to stand out and look your best.

man wearing black blazer with chinosWearing a black blazer doesn’t have to be dull either. There are a variety of ways to combine a black blazer to pair well with any event from an evening out to an interview.

Black Blazer and Chinos

One of the best and most fashionable ways to wear a black blazer is with chinos, but this is not the only one. There is a great variety of ways to combine this garment.

Combing a black blazer and chinos creates that perfect smart casual look, and is ideal for occasions where you want to dress up but not overly so. What makes this pairing one of our top recommendations is the fact that black blazers and chinos look so great together but yet are rarely worn together. There’s no reason not to pair them, and doing so will ensure you’re both striking and unique in your appearance.

To make the most of this pairing, be sure to wear a belt – ideally a dark-colored one like black or dark blue. Additionally, select chinos that are well-fitted.

Black Blazer and Jeans

A black blazer with jeans is perfect for formal and informal occasions: if combined with shoes and a light-colored shirt will look perfect for anything from a date to a day at the office.

If you want to make the look a little more casual, then what I recommend is to combine the black blazer and jeans with a plain white t-shirt, and white sneakers. It is a combination that looks perfect with almost any type of footwear from boots to sneakers and can also be used perfectly for any night out as well as for informal events.

Black blazer and gray pants

Pairing a black blazer with gray pants is a perfect way to dress up without overdressing. Gray is a formal color, besides being one of the trendiest colors in recent times. The combination of a black blazer with gray pants and a white shirt is an excellent look to have as a workhorse for any occasion. Now, if you are a little riskier and want something different and new, I recommend wearing a light blue shirt, since in this alternative the secret is to combine it with a handkerchief in the color of the shirt and the tie should be a little darker than the color of the pants.

Black blazer with black pants

Black is a timeless power color, and nothing pairs better with black than more black. Black chino pants and black blazers are an infallible combination. The main idea of combining these two garments is that it does not look like a suit itself, but an alternative way to dress to attend anything from an upscale event or common workday, providing a little more freshness and youth. Black chino pants can be combined with moccasin shoes and a shirt to complete the outfit.

Principles for a perfect blazer

Wearing a blazer is a wonderful way to add additional style to just about any outfit. While versatile and forgiving, mastering this look involves a few more considerations. Once mastered you’ll find yourself capable of easily transitioning from wearing the same black blazer to work in the morning, to lunch with friends, and then finally to evening cocktails all with minimal frustration.

Tailored fit

The easiest and first tip to ensuring lasting success is to make sure it’s your size. If not, you can have it tailored to fit your body. This way you can ensure your blazer will fit you perfectly. The blazer should fit perfectly on the shoulders and should close in the front. Even if you are not going to wear it always closed and on the other hand, it must have the ideal length for the sleeves.

Ideal shoes to combine with a black blazer


Moccasins are a very functional type of shoe, which are good for both the day and afternoon as well as for the evening. Only wear moccasins with a blazer if the event you are attending is not so formal.

Oxford shoes

One of the most defining characteristics of a blazer is its ability to be dressed up or down for the occasion and a pair of oxfords is an excellent way to dress up a blazer for a more formal event. A black blazer with chinos goes well with oxford shoes, creating the perfect balance of elegance and formality.

White sneakers

For more informal occasions or where you want to achieve an intentional semi-formal appearance, white sneakers go very well. They combine perfectly with all the elements that can be worn with a black blazer but especially go well with jeans and chinos.

What to wear under a black blazer?

Well, an excellent answer to this question can be a light blue or white shirt, as both go perfectly with a good black blazer. However, if you choose the first option keep in mind that all the attention may be directed to the shirt and take the limelight of the look.  On the other hand, white shirts or white t-shirts achieve harmony as they do not draw as much attention. This garment combined with a pair of blue jeans and a black blazer is perfect for any occasion during the day.

If you do not want to think and want to achieve a correct and neat look anyway, I recommend going for the total black, this way you complement the blazer with all black elements (both the shirt or T-shirt, pants, and shoes) and thus you ensure a smooth and appropriate look for any time and occasion. All these garments are a must in the closet because at any time will serve you for a good look.