How to Dress for an Evening Event

As a man, knowing how to dress for an evening event can be intimidating, but we’ve got your back. These are our tips for both formal and informal occasions.

One might think that dressing up for work or a wedding is the most intricate situation a man will have to face. But, in reality, it’s the most common plans, like going out on a Friday night that raise many questions.

First, it all depends on which evening event you are headed to, as it could be a casual or a formal affair. Therefore, you need to approach each situation differently. A night out with the boys is not the same thing as an anniversary date, don’t you agree? In other words, the venue and event you are going to will lead the way of your choices.

It doesn’t matter what are your plans; we are going to cover all possibilities and share with you different styling alternatives that you can easily recreate.


How to Dress for a Casual Evening Event

Let’s say you are going out with your friends and you need a look that is versatile, so it adapts to a variety of venues: from a pub to a nightclub. The key here is a monochrome look.

How to dress for an evening event? Black shirt and jeans are ideal for a casual event.Monochrome looks are both timeless and very easy to achieve. You can start with a black t-shirt and jeans, and build your outfit from there. Layering will help you add that touch of personality to the look, so you might want to add a printed, unbuttoned shirt on top. It could be short or long sleeved, that will depend on the weather.

Instead of an unbuttoned shirt, you can also top off the outfit with a multi-pocketed jacket. Even in summer, things tend to get chilly during the night, so a jacket will always be viable no matter the season. Of course, if it’s winter, you might want to pick a thicker jacket and layered it with a sweater or hoodie underneath.

Another great thing about completing your look with a jacket is its functionality. When you’re going out you need to carry stuff around (like your wallet, phone and keys), but a bag might not be the best solution, especially if you’re going clubbing. So, a jacket full of pockets will solve that problem in no time.

Speaking of bags, this is what every man needs to know about them.

A casual night out is the perfect place to dust off your denim or leather jacket. Both are great options for a night out, whether it is a pub, a club or even a concert.

A casual evening out requires comfortable, versatile footwear. The best option you can choose are black or white sneakers because they will always look modern and they won’t disrupt your look. A second more stylish alternative is chukkas.

While a formal evening out doesn’t leave much room for imagination, a casual night does. It is the best occasion to add one or even two printed garments. For example, a lumberjack shirt can instantly elevate the look and make it less plain.


How to Dress for a Formal Evening Event

Now, what if the night out requires a more formal look? It could be a dinner party with your co-workers or a date night with your partner to celebrate an important date.

First thing you want to do is change your jeans. Substitute them with a pair of dress pants or chinos in khaki, green or blue tones. For your upper part, we recommend a plain white shirt, which you can easily upgrade with a matching cardigan or a crew neck sweater.

If the weather requires so, you can complete the outfit with a long coat: the best shades are blue, beige and black. It could also be a checked pattern coat to add a personal and fashionable touch to the look.

When it comes to smart footwear, these can be your options. You can opt for the classical Derby shoes or brogue shoes. If you want to step out of your comfort zone and reach a higher level, then you can choose a pair of loafers or monk-straps shoes. These are more modern and trendier alternatives.

Always stick to brown or black shoes because they will never go out of style, and they will be versatile enough to match with multiple outfits.

How to dress for an evening event depend on the formality of the event.If you’re headed to a (really) fancy party, then the appropriate dress code is cocktail attire. Yes, it’s basically a suit, but not the usual one that you would wear to a wedding or to work.

The cocktail attire dress code involves a more personal and modern approach. Think of a tailored, slim-fit suit in a dark navy blue shade, combined with a white shirt and a pair of leather Derby or Brogue dress shoes. You will look polished, modern and confident.

Sometimes black-tie evening events might require you to wear a tuxedo as well, also known as dinner suit. In this case, you should also stick to darker tones and keep things as neutral and minimalist as possible. The less, the better.


When in Doubt, Go Smart-casual

If you are in doubt about the venue or event you are going to and you can’t figure out if it’s formal or casual, then opt for smart-casual. One of the best examples is what to wear for a restaurant.

It might not be the most fancy venue in the city, but it’s still a restaurant and a pair of sneakers might not be the most appropriate choice. You want to keep things classy, but with a laid-back, effortless vibe. In these situations, we recommend you opt for the smart-casual dress code.

Replace the sneakers for a pair of shoes that are both comfortable, but slightly more formal. Think of a pair of lace-up Oxford boots or a Chelsea style. On the other hand, instead of pairing your jeans with a casual jacket, you can try on an unstructured blazer.

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