How to Pair Suede Shoes With Jeans

Somewhere in between suits and sweatpants lies the sweet spot for sharp, casual dress. Whether you’re looking to head out for a date with your significant other or a nice business Suede shoes can style up an outfitlunch with your co-workers, it’s important to be able to dress the part. Striking a good balance between a more formal pair of suede shoes and casual, everyday jeans is a great way to go about tackling the occasions that call for more than sneakers and snapbacks.

Nailing down the art of how to pair suede shoes with jeans might seem overwhelming at first, but it really doesn’t have to be. At the end of the day, it all comes down to a few key elements, amongst them different available styles, colors, and the general composition of your pieces. No need to worry – we’ll get straight into what all of that means!


Differentiating Between Shoe Styles

Suede shoes come in a wide variety of different styles; while they all feature the elegant flair of the material, the design of a particular shoe is a big determining factor when it comes to the rest of your outfit.

Likely the most popular of them all, suede dress shoes have become staples in men’s fashion for good reason. When styled properly, they are versatile pieces that can accompany you from formal events to a casual weekend stroll while always looking the part.

When purchasing your suede dress shoes, it’s important to keep in mind the many different ways you’ll be able to integrate them into your wardrobe. While very pointy suede dress shoes might look great with a suit, for example, they will likely stick out and look out of place when paired with your jeans.

A neutral, exposed stitching, rounded lace-up suede shoe is a safe bet that will have you covered every time.

Suede sneakers and other more informal styles might seem appealing, but don’t get them mixed up with the dress shoe.

If you’re looking to invest in a suede alternative that will take your style a step up from casual during your weekend outings, a suede boot might be the perfect option for you – just don’t expect it to work with your suit!



As with any style, colors are one of the most important factors to consider when looking to effectively pair two pieces in a seamless, fashionable way. After all, it’s one of the most obvious elements of any piece of clothing and can take all of the attention away from design or more understated details (especially when it doesn’t work). In order to become the great combination we know they can be, suede shoes and jeans have to be appropriately color-coordinated. Here’s how:

Brown Shoes Over Black

Brown suede shoes easily pair with jeansThough black shades might intuitively feel like the more neutral options, that isn’t always the case when it comes to wearing suede shoes with jeans.

Brown and blue tones make up a complementary color scheme, translating to an elegant feel. Since we already know to stick with darker blue denim tones, brown shoes are the perfect opportunity to bring in some visual interest to your outfit in a controlled, guaranteed way.

The more earth-toned color can also be easily paired with other accessories you might want to include in your final outfit, like dress jackets and belts.

Of course, there can be exceptions. If your wardrobe consists exclusively of black jeans, for example, black shoes are probably the right call for a sleek, clean look.


The Top Half

Now that we’ve established a good foundation, it’s time to tie your look together with your shirt of choice.

This is where you get to show off your personal style without running too much risk of compromising your outfit. To make sure that risk is reduced to zero, here are a few things to be aware of that will help you create a cohesive, sharp ensemble.

Neutrals are always a safe bet, and it’s no different here. Stick to colors that go with the tone of your shoes; if you opted for a brown suede option, earth tones are a perfect choice.

During the summer, a simple button up linen shirts can be a great look for a day out and about, transitioning right into your dinner plans if you would like it to. Your everyday t-shirt is also a great way to dress down your look while still looking your best. During the colder months, fitted sweaters or tailored jackets are a go.

Stay away from hoodies and any pieces that lean heavily on distinct styles like Streetwear; they will look awkward when paired with dressier shoes!


Quick Fire Tips!

We’ve covered a lot of ground, but we still have a few valuable pieces of information to relay on how to pair suede shoes with jeans, the right way. Ready?

Cuff your jeans

When wearing suede shoes with jeans, really lean into that more casual vibe. Cuffing your jeans to mark the transition between the two pieces will make your outfit feel more intentional and smooth. Additionally, cuffing your jeans slightly can contribute to more balanced proportions when pairing a heavier shoe with more laid-back pants. On that note…

Be mindful about your socks!

Yes, we’re serious. Socks are an opportunity to tie together the elements of your look and can contribute to a more put-together, thoughtful appearance. We say don’t skip out!

Make sure your jeans fit perfectly – not too skin tight and not too loose

If there is something that can instantly elevate your look, it’s well-fitted clothes. This goes for all pieces – beyond being extremely flattering, a perfect fit will bring out your best self.

These base standards are good to have on hand when it comes to looking great and dressing with confidence regardless of the pieces you’re looking to wear. From more obvious elements like color to more subtle ones such as proportions, there might be more things to consider than you realize. No need to worry – while it can sound overwhelming, these tips are simple ways that will help you narrow the error margin and get you dressing confidently in no time.

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