Tips for choosing the right socks at all times

An ideal shirt, perfect pants, comfortable and stylish shoes, but what about socks? If you are one of those who does not pay any attention to these articles, calm down, you are not the only one. However, you should know that, although it may seem silly, choosing a sock is almost as important as buying a shoe. Think that they are the garment that are in direct contact with our feet and, therefore, fulfill a fundamental protection function. Therefore, today we want to dedicate our post to them. Find out how to choose the ideal pair!

What are the ideal socks according to the shoe?

While it is true that choosing comfortable shoes is an essential task when buying any pair, everything is in vain if the right socks are not taken into account. You do not have to be an expert on the subject, but rather assess some details such as: the height of the shaft, the fit, the manufacturing materials, the seams, the thickness or the sizing.

  • Socks for dress shoes. One of the most common options is to use the same color as in the footwear, since this way the visual transition is completely harmonious. However, we believe that the safe bet is to always add dark designs and never add white socks.

The hem of the pants must reach just mid-ankle, which is why socks must reach the calf. In addition, we recommend using pairs of cotton when temperatures are high. This is because you will need its absorption power. Wool, on the other hand, is ideal for bundling up in winter.

  • Causal shoe socks. As in the previous case, use the same color rule. It does not matter if they are sneakers or loafers, go for a slightly thicker cotton designs with dark tones. Another rule that you should not forget is that you must never use long pairs with shorts, you will spoil your look otherwise.

Socks for sports

At this point, everything is much easier. And, basically, you can use the sports socks you want as long as they allow you to carry out the activities you want comfortably. Combine the color of the details with your shirt, for example. We especially recommend cotton ones, as they will allow your foot to breathe properly. Of course, make sure they are soft and not very thick.