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FashionFests.com is dedicated to fashion & lifestyle guides for the modern man. We cover various topics from male fashion to fitness, giving our readers the practical tips, tricks, and advice that they need to improve their style.

Our philosophy is simple – your life is busy enough as it is, you shouldn’t have to work hard to look your best. That’s why our team of writers has worked continuously since our launch in 2020 to bring you practical & actionable advice.


Our authors are who make us who we are. Their unique experiences and voices are critical to our mission at FashionFests.com.

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I’m Camila Pasquino. Bachelor in marketing. From Argentina, living in Buenos Aires. Fashion and writing lover. Working as a freelance writer. Passionate about ice cream and good dressing.
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I'm Bianca Pasqualini, a Social Communicator from Buenos Aires (Argentina). I am a freelance fashion writer, working alongside brands and entrepreneurs from the textile and fashion industry, who are walking the path of sustainability.
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Jason is the owner of FashionFests.com and is on a mission to bring practical and helpful style, lifestyle, and grooming tips to the modern man.
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