How to grow a mustache – the ultimate guide

If you are thinking about how to grow a mustache or are already growing out your mustache then you are in the right place. Here you can find a step by step guide on how to grow a mustache grow and look great doing it.

How to grow a mustacheThe mustache has always been a staple in men’s fashion, but its popularity has greatly increased in recent years. It is a sign of manliness, elegance, and of power. Men both young and old, across social and economic backgrounds all enjoy wearing a mustache. But, how to grow a mustache? This is a common question men have when first starting.

Growing it out

It may sound counter-intuitive, but unless you like the look of peach fuzz above your lip then most men find it more comforting to first grow out their beards. Thankfully stubble beards are in style, so you’ll have an easier time blending in during this awkward stage of your proto-mustache.


Now shave

Eventually the hair above your lip will reach about a half an inch. Don’t be surprised if this takes several weeks, as the average man’s facial hair only grows at a rate of about 1/2 inch per month.

Once you get to this point, it’s time to shave everything except your mustache.

Start by tracing your thumb and index finger from the corner of lips straight out. This marks a horizontal line across your face, and represents the bottom of your mustache. Do not shave above this line.

To avoid getting confused try skipping the shaving cream on your mustache. Not only would it be wasteful, but you’re likely to fall into the habit of shaving your entire face if you lather up everywhere.

Some men may find a straight-edge guide – like those found in various templates – but with practice you’ll find you need it less and less.


Different types of mustaches

As you’re ready to shave you should also keep in mind what style of mustache you want.


This is the typical mustache worn by Freddie Mercury or Tom Selleck, for example. It is characterized by looking like an inverted “V”. It is a bushy mustache that is approximately 1 centimeter wider than the mouth. It is a very simple mustache to achieve and its maintenance is also easy. It can be retouched or maintained with scissors.



Lampshade mustacheIt is a type of mustache that is usually associated with older people. On the other hand, it is a style that is usually associated with police or military personnel. To obtain this mustache, it should not extend beyond the edge of the upper lip, it cannot be higher than the lower part of the nose and the hair should never touch the upper lip.



Teddy Roosevelt sporting a Walrus-style mustacheSome of the famous people who use or used to use this type of mustache are Albert Einstein and Teddy Roosevelt. In order to get this mustache first let it grow freely and do not trim it for a long time. In order to get this style, you have to wait at least 6 months. It is a chinstrap that wraps around the upper lip and in some cases also covers the lower lip. Not all men can have this type of mustache because of its long length.



pencil-style mustacheIt is a very thin mustache just the length of the upper lip. It is not very common nowadays. George Clooney used it for a while, also Eddie Murphy and Brad Pitt for the movie Inglorious Bastards. Jogn Waters and Clark Gable also used this style. In order to maintain it you have to shave the top line several times, even 4 or 5 times a week. To really show it off.


Parted Pencil

Parted Pencil MustacheIs a mustache style made famous by stars of Hollywood’s golden age such as Douglas Fairbanks, Errol Flynn, Clark Gable and others. It was a synonym of swashbuckling heroes or also of the gentlemen of thieves of the 30s and 40s. It was an accessory worn by many discerning gentlemen who wanted to demonstrate sophistication and elegance. It is a style that requires an everyday routine to maintain the shape. This mustache needs a thick but short growth. A parted pencil can be achieved after two weeks of growth. However, it is recommended to establish it after one month. The longer the mustache is allowed to grow, the denser it is likely to become.


Painter’s Brush

Painter's Brush Style MustacheIt is like a natural mustache. It has a pronounced thickness; the sides extend beyond the length of the mouth. To achieve this type of mustache, first let it grow freely, then trim it along the upper lip, trying to create a horizontal line. Then, a rounded trim should be made at the edges of the mouth. Brad Pitt has used this style of mustache several times to play certain characters.



toothbrush style mustacheIt is the famous mustache that Charlie Chaplin has used. It is a stubby mustache shaved on both sides. It has to have the approximate width of the nose. While once very popular, the toothbrush mustache has fallen out of favor due to it being the same style of mustache worn by Adolf Hitler.



handlebars mustacheIf you want to impress and really get attention you will have to wear this style of mustache. It resembles the handlebars of a bicycle as its center is thick and towards the sides it is thinner with the ends curled upwards. In order to do this, special waxes must be used to shape the hair. Well-known people who have used this style: Greg Berzinsky, William Howard and Daniel Day Lewis. They were back on the rise in 2010. It was the hipsters who used it. Although it requires a lot of care and preparation since special products must be used to style and care for it, it is a style that looks great.


Petite Handlebar

This is a smaller version of the handlebar mustache. The only difference is that the handles should not extend beyond the corners of the mouth. In short, it should be the same length as the mouth. It requires a lot of care and attention as it needs to be shaved frequently to maintain its shape.



English MustacheIt is a thinner mustache; it has a slight downward slant at the nose. The side parts end in a straight shape at the height of the middle of the beak. It is a distinguished style and very used by the aristocracy. Many people say that it is practically the same as the handlebar mustache, the only difference is that the handles are not curved and end straight.



Wyatt Earp MustacheIt is a mixture of the walrus and handlebar styles. It gives the sensation of a rough person. It is often associated with the legends of the Wild West, Wyatt Earp and Seth Bullock have used it. In order to get to this shape, you must first go through the walrus mustache and then yes, it is shaped so that the handles have the proper style. It usually takes about a year to get the length of hair needed to perfectly achieve this style. In fact, there are many people who never get to have it because their DNA is not prepared to have so much mustache.



Salvador DalíIt is a mustache style that was created by the great painter Salvador Dalí. It looks like a pencil style mustache but with the ends extremely elongated and upwards. In order to give it the right shape it is necessary to use wax. Due to the great length that the ends must have, it could take up to 6 months or more to grow a Dali mustache. Once the desired length is reached, care should be taken to trim every 3 days to keep the shape impeccable.



The famous American wrestler, Hulk Hogan, popularized the horseshoe mustache, as it has been his signature look since the 1980s. It is a thick, broad mustache. It is a thick line above the mouth from which, on each side, two vertical strips of hairs emerge towards the side of the jaw. Horseshoe whiskers can be found in all lengths and shapes. That’s why, if you prefer shorter facial hair styles, just reduce the size of your beard trimmer attachment and you’re all set. To keep your biker horseshoe mustache neat, healthy and groomed, you should apply a beard oil or balm regularly. Also brush it with a beard brush. If possible, to maintain its shape every 2-3 times a week it should be touched up, that way it will be impeccable.


Things to consider

Picking a style of mustache involves more than simply liking the look of it – it should ideally compliment your facial structure. Consideration such as the shape of your face, jawline, hair style, or even simply the style of clothing you prefer to wear all have a factor in determining which style of mustache will look best.

For rather elongated faces, it is recommended to wear a mustache that divides the face vertically. This will balance the length of the face.  For this style of face a traditional style mustache looks great.

For men with square faces a walrus mustache will look wonderful on them.

What do I do if my mustache doesn’t look the way I expected it to? This is a very easy question to answer, well, nothing and everything. Just take a razor and remove the mustache. That way you’ll just get your face back to looking hairless. If, then you want to try another style of mustache, just grow it out and go for it again. Try another style.


Maintaining the shape of your mustache

Just like beards need regular grooming to keep from looking unkempt, so will your mustache. You should trim your mustache at least once a week, so that it keeps the desired shape. To keep it growing in the desired shape do not trim it when it is wet, as this could cause it to lose its shape. Your skin should be clean and moist. Shaving gels, foams or creams should be used. These are products that help the skin and make trimming much more comfortable.

To shape it, take a pair of scissors and cut along the line of the upper lip, then cut the ends so that they are symmetrical. As a next step you can twist them to cut them at an angle. The scissors should be pointed upwards to cut the center of the mustache.

When finished, move on to the face. Wash it with cold water to close the pores. Then apply after shave lotions. This will moisturize the skin and help control redness.

Your mustache should be washed daily. Especially after eating or playing sports. Use special products, such as soaps and shampoos for beard or mustache cleaning. These will make them firmer for a longer period of time.

There are even special moustache combs that will keep the hair separated and well groomed.

To have a mustache in excellent condition requires time and dedication. It also requires the use of the right tools. However, with proper determination it can prove to be a style that compliments many men.

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