Chevron Mustache Guide for The Modern Man

Chevron MustacheA Chevron Mustache can be a highly sought-after and trendy look, but achieving this style can be a challenge for some men. If you’re one of the many who has wondered how to get a Chevron Mustache, then you’ve come to the right place. Our comprehensive guide provides all the information you need to achieve and maintain this style, as well as other tips related to this iconic facial hair look. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of Chevron Mustaches! 


What is the Chevron Mustache?

The Chevron Mustache is a distinctive facial hair style that covers the entire upper lip without extending past the corners of the mouth. This creates a clean and well-defined look, with the ends of the mustache being kept at a medium length, neither curving up nor down. To achieve this style, all you need to do is grow out the hair on your upper lip and shave the surrounding area. And once you’ve achieved your desired length and shape, maintaining a Chevron Mustache is relatively easy with minimal upkeep required. 


Growing a Chevron Mustache

If you’re ready to rock the Chevron Mustache, the first step is to remove all facial hair except for the hair on your upper lip. It’s important to ensure that the mustache is well-trimmed, with the shape as defined and clean as possible. Avoid trimming any extra hairs from the mustache, as these can affect the overall shape and definition of the mustache. 

To give your Chevron Mustache the perfect shape, you can draw an imaginary line, or use a makeup liner pencil that can be easily erased later, from the nose to the edge of the mouth, creating an inverted “V” shape. This helps guide the trimming process and ensures that you achieve the desired shape for your mustache. 

Once you’ve created the basic shape, clean up any extra mustache that is left on the outside of the upper lip. With these steps completed, your Chevron Mustache is ready to make a statement. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t worry if it takes a few tries to get the shape just right. With a little patience and persistence, you’ll be sporting a Chevron Mustache like a pro in no time! 


Best Facial Shapes for Chevron Mustaches

The Chevron Mustache can be a great addition to the right facial structure. Typically, this style works best for men with longer faces, as it complements their features and creates a more balanced appearance. However, if you have a round face, this style may not be the most flattering for you. The roundness of your face can be emphasized, making it look even rounder. 

For men with rectangular or oval faces, the Chevron Mustache can still look good, but it may not have the same impact as it would on someone with a longer face. It’s important to keep in mind that every face is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another. So, if you’re considering a Chevron Mustache, take a look at your facial structure and consider whether this style will be a good fit for you. 


How to Style a Chevron Mustache

Styling your Chevron Mustache is an important part of achieving the look you desire. While this type of mustache works best for men with straight hair, it can be worn by anyone regardless of hair type. In fact, it’s a great way to make thick hair look neat and well-groomed. 

To keep your Chevron Mustache looking sharp, it’s important to comb it regularly with a special comb designed for facial hair. This helps keep the mustache neat and free from any tangles or knots. It’s also a great way to train the hairs to follow the desired shape and direction. By incorporating regular grooming into your daily routine, you can maintain a clean and sharp Chevron Mustache that will turn heads and make a statement. 


How to Maintain a Chevron Mustache

Maintaining a pristine Chevron Mustache requires proper care and attention. Depending on how fast your facial hair grows, you may need to touch it up once a week or every 2 days to keep it looking sharp. 

In addition to regular grooming, it’s important to pay special attention to the hygiene of your mustache. Use the right products for your type of facial hair, including a good cleansing regimen consisting of soap, serum, and shampoo. By performing these steps 2-3 times a week, you can help promote optimal hair growth and maintenance, while also ensuring that your mustache looks clean, healthy, shiny, and with a good aroma. 

Diet also plays a crucial role in promoting healthy mustache growth. Incorporate foods rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E into your daily diet to make your hair grow stronger and healthier. 

To further promote healthy skin and hair growth, it’s important to exfoliate your face once or twice a week. This helps remove dead skin cells and unclogs hair follicles, leaving your face cleaner and your hair looking better. 

Keeping your face well moisturized and using creams that are suited to your facial skin type is also important for maintaining a healthy-looking Chevron Mustache. 

Finally, the tools you use to trim your mustache are also crucial. Using sharp and precise tools, such as scissors and a mustache comb, can help you achieve a neat and well-groomed look that will make your Chevron Mustache look its best. With these tips in mind, you can maintain a gorgeous Chevron Mustache that will turn heads and make a statement. 


Unconventional Chevron Mustache Styles

The Chevron Mustache is a classic style that has endured through the ages. However, within this classic style, there are some particular variations that can help you stand out from the crowd. 

  1. The Chevron Mustache with stubble: This style, made popular by Joe Jonas, is perfect for those who want to keep their beard without having to shave it all the time. The beard is kept just long enough to make the mustache the main focal point, creating a comfortable yet stylish look. 
  1. The Freddie Mercury Style: When it comes to iconic Chevron Mustache styles, it’s hard to overlook the legendary look of Freddie Mercury. His classic and bold mustache remains a source of inspiration for many men today, and you can follow in his footsteps by sporting this legendary style. 
  1. Chevron Mustache with a fade haircut: Hairstyle plays a major role in a man’s overall appearance, and a fade hairstyle can complement a Chevron Mustache perfectly. This combination creates an impression of a man who is attentive to his appearance and devotes a lot of time to grooming himself, making a positive impact wherever he goes. 
  1. Chevron Mustache on bald heads: For bald men, it can be challenging to decide which mustache or beard style will complement their look best. However, a Chevron Mustache can be an excellent option, enhancing the whole beauty of a bald person and creating a strong and stylish appearance. 
  1. Chevron with beard: The Chevron Mustache can also be paired with a small beard to create a unique and fashionable style. Football player David Beckham has worn this style for years, and the addition of a beard makes the mustache stand out even more, achieving an exceptional and fashionable look. 



If you’re looking to sport the iconic Chevron Mustache, this comprehensive guide has everything you need to know. The article covers topics like what the Chevron Mustache is, how to style it, and how to maintain it. It also provides tips on how to achieve unconventional styles, such as the Chevron Mustache with stubble, the Freddie Mercury Style, and more. The article concludes by encouraging men to embrace their individuality and experiment with different styles to find the one that works best for them. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to rock a Chevron Mustache with confidence and style.