Best medium length beard styles

There are many medium length beard styles, having become more and more popular over the years. The medium length beard is here to stay, and is one of the most fashionable and modern styles. The medium length beard style has become one of the most requested medium length beard stylestrends by men in recent times. A bearded look brings a manlier and modern image. It is often considered a sign of power. But it is precisely the length that defines and makes the difference between a neat beard and a wild style. Today the beautiful medium length beard accompanies men of all ages, professions and styles.

The density of beard hair is genetically determined. Therefore, it is different for each man. Normally, it is said to be between 6,000 and 15,000 follicles spread over the face and neck. The same is true for growth, which is genetically determined. In terms of standards it is normally said that the average beard growth is approximately 0.3 millimeters per day. Genes can be helped with different treatments that can improve hair quality. Some of them can be carboxytherapy or mesotherapy. This can make the hair grow faster, stronger and even healthier. Good nutrition, exercise and sleep also help the growth and beauty of the beard.  There are special foods that influence the growth of facial hair, such as nuts, eggs, grapes and chicken. These are the main ones, it is very important to include them in the diet to have a perfect beard.

To give a good impression your beard hair should always be clean and in perfect condition. Every 3 weeks it is necessary to touch up and remove the unwanted excess or shape it if you want. This way you can reach the desired beard type. It is also necessary to trim towards the side of the neck so that the edge of the beard is well defined.

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There are many people who go to barbershops once a week for treatments, moisturizing, washing or trimming to make it look neat. These are small details that together make a medium beard look always or almost always perfect. On the other hand, it must be said that if the beard is well defined and established, it is very easy to maintain.

Different medium beard styles

There are usually two medium length beard styles. One, in which the length of the hair is equal over the entire surface of the face and the other, where the main volume of hair is centered on the chin. And on the rest of the face, it is the same length, a few centimeters shorter than the rest of the face. When this style is left, what happens is that the lines of the cheekbones and the lower neck are emphasized more. It is said to be a more controlled and neat beard. It is a beard style that gives a plus to make men feel and look more attractive.


Who wears it?

Medium length beard styles are worn by men who want to hide defects located on the chin and it is also used by many people who have circular faces. This style of beard harmonizes the silhouette.

medium length beard styles work well with business attireIf your beard grows evenly, all you need is a little time to grow a medium length beard. In about a month, you can start to have what is now considered a medium length beard that looks great.

A medium length beard is usually defined as a beard that grows between 1 to 3 months. After that time and if it is not maintained, it is said to be of long length.

While waiting for it to reach the desired length, it is important not to trim the beard below the chin, nor trim the hair that grows on the lower neck. The first few weeks while waiting for it to grow are usually the most difficult, but be patient! The time will come when your beard will look the way you want it to.


How to take care of it?

Like skin care, the beard requires a lot of attention. You must use the right products for your particular bear hair type. Follow a care routine, consisting of cleansing, moisturizing, trimming a beard is key to growing it properlyetc.

Special soaps, balms or oils should be used and can be shaped with special beard waxes and brushes.

Steps to take care of it at home:

  1. Washing: look for the soap that best suits your type of beard. Remember that beard hair is much thicker and drier than the hair on your head, so you shouldn’t use the same soap or shampoo. Go to a specific beard care store and find the ideal soap for your beard. Beard soaps or shampoos have a much higher amount of moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients than those for head hair. They aim to make the hair even softer and more manageable. Experts in the field say that it should be washed daily! This way you can have a medium beard shiny and beautiful, not wild style.
  2. Styling: this is a key step in maintaining a beautiful, lustrous beard. As in the previous step, depending on the style of your hair will be the type of comb you should use for the beard. It is a crucial element as it must reach all the hair and remove all types of debris as well as untangle the beard.
  3. Serums: a product composed of nourishing oils and serums. It gives shine and moisturizes. Apply just a few drops of the product on the beard when it is still wet and distribute it very well with the brush. It is the star product to make your beard look shiny and neat.
  4. Balms and waxes: these are optional products. They may or may not be part of the daily routine for medium beard care. They are used for shaping.

It is also extremely important to complement beard care with skin care. And use special skin care products as well. Otherwise all the work and care of the beard will be in vain.

 To maintain the average beard type there are different techniques:

– Machine techniques

– Defining

– Tapering technique

– Comb and scissors

The hair of the beard is much drier than the hair of the head so it requires special products and moisturizers. Remember to use it every day.