How to properly grow a beard

Growing a beard might seem like an easy task, but it definitely has its ups and downs. Here are our best tips and tricks on how to properly grow a beard.

properly growing a beard can be rewardingSome men find it easier than others, that’s for sure, yet all need to put in a little effort to keep it on point. But first let’s answer this question: why grow a beard at all? The main reason is that a clear-cut beard can frame your face, even when it is a short beard style.

The second reason is that it adds contrast to your face and therefore you will attract all the looks to this section of your upper body. Another great point is that beards are synonymous with maturity, so if you’re looking for a way to look older 一that is mature一, a beard can be the perfect solution.

We’ve been over why you should grow a beard, now let’s dive into the how.


Build a proper foundation

To grow a proper beard, you need to have a good foundation. This means you need to start shaving and building up a good basis for your hair to grow even and healthy. Don’t just shave as if you were in a hurry about to leave for work, take your time and do it correctly.

You need to do the full exercise: open your pores with a steam shower, use brand-new blades and warm water, and finish the session with an after-shaving cream. You can do this at home of course, but you could also visit your local barber shop if you want an expert to do the job.

Either way, a proper shave is necessary to build a good foundation for a flawless beard.

Before we move on, it’s important that you understand that shaving does not mean your beard will grow quicker. That is actually a very common mistake or myth. Shaving is very important because it’s the basis of a healthy, well-defined beard, but it doesn’t mean it helps your hair grow faster.


Help it grow 

As we said at the beginning, some men have it easier when it comes to growing a beard and some just don’t. Whether you are in the first or second group, these tricks will help you with growing your facial hair. You need to stimulate your skin for the hair to grow and you can do so by exfoliating. Exfoliating is also great for dealing with ingrown hairs.

Important: there are several oils, serums and pills out in the market announcing that they help with hair growth. Unfortunately, they don’t. Oils and serums can be great when it comes to moisturizing your beard and keeping it healthy, yet they won’t do any magic for its growth. That is just genetics.

Another element you need to pay attention to is your lifestyle, particularly what you eat. As the saying goes “a healthy mind in healthy body”, it’s crucial that you maintain a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Drinking enough water and keeping a nutritious diet, assures you a glowing skin and healthy hair, in both the head and the face.

Moreover, facial hair grows in five different areas: the mustache, underneath the bottom lip, the goatee, the cheeks and the neck area, just below the jawline. It’s important every man knows this because most of the time the hair won’t grow equally in all areas.

It takes weeks and sometimes months to look at the even and uniform result, so don’t worry if it looks patchy at the beginning, it’s perfectly normal.


Care for your beard

Just like you would apply a styling conditioner to your hair after shower, your beard also needs some pampering. And oils are the best way to do so. Unlike decades ago, there are plenty of brands and products that you can choose from nowadays to take care of your beard.

The best thing about it 一aside the wide and diverse market一 is that you can choose the exact solution for your needs, and you don’t need to settle for a generic product. There are lotions and oils that are specifically designed for detangling, while others are meant to provide that extra moisture to your facial hair and skin.

In addition, some men also experience dandruff while growing a beard. That is due to the irritated skin underneath, but luckily it can also be fixed with the right lotion or oil.


Style it and shape it

Choosing the right beard style is just like choosing the right hairstyle: it needs to compliment and complement your face shape.

trimming a beard is key to growing it properlyYou can opt for a long beard or a light stubble, but you should try to always make sure it looks well-defined and moisturized. In fact, you can check out these 8 tips for how to keep beard hairs from sticking out.

Moreover, you can use the beard to your advantage to hide or highlight your facial features. For example, if you want to create a stronger, more defined jawline, you should keep your beard tight around the neck and slightly longer around the chin.

Of course, if you’re doubting your shaving skills, you can always visit your barber for a sharp, proper grooming. If you are more comfortable doing it at home, then our advice is that you use the best tools you can, starting with a beard trimmer with full precision settings.


With great beard comes great responsibility

As any other accessory or piece of clothing, a beard can also make or break your look, so don’t let yourself go when it comes to growing one. They look great, but they also need attention and proper care to look that good.

Our final advice is to be patient and not compare yourself to other men. Genetics and lifestyle are very different for each person, so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t see the same progress.

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