How to wear a black suit with gray shirt

Pairing a black suit with gray shirt is a great way to modernize your look while still being formal, but how do you pull it off? Thankfully with the right shoes, tie, and accessories we’ll tell you how to wear a black suit with gray shirt. The suit is a key element in any man’s wardrobe. It is essential to have a good quality suit in your closet. It can save you on more than one occasion.

black suit with gray shirtThe same goes for shirts. It is a must-have item. The basic colors that go with almost everything are white and gray. Although there are also some bolder men who have more vibrant colors such as blue, light blue, pink, green and even orange.

The suit as we know it today emerged in England in the mid-nineteenth century. Many times it can be complicated to think how to combine it. Or always fall into the same basic black suit with white shirt, but there are different options that can be very fashionable and fashionistas.

How you can combine a black suit with different colors of shirts

GRAY: One of the best amalgamations is black suit with gray shirt. This shirt color gives a chic and modern touch. And it doesn’t make you fall into the typical black-white combination. This color match will make you stand out without having to use eccentric or flashy colors. Whether silk, denim or cotton shirts, a gray shirt is a must-have that you can’t miss.

To put together a look, the right way, we recommend that you take all the suits you have in mind out of the closet. See them stretched out on the bed and then you will be able to choose clearly. Arrange accessories and complementary items such as shoes, coats, tie, etc. It will make you make the right decision and therefore choose the right outfit as well.

What kind of gray goes best with black?

Gray is a color that conveys security, stability and practicality. On the other hand, gray reflects neutrality, discretion and generosity. It also symbolizes neutrality and sophistication.

It should be noted that black is one of the most basic colors to wear, it goes with everything. And on the other hand, gray in all its shades as well. From a light gray almost white, to a dark gray can go really well with a black suit.

It also looks great if you wear a bright gray shirt with a muted black suit. Combining textures and visual effects is a growing trend and it’s good to incorporate it little by little. Many people are afraid of mixing fabrics or textures, but there is nothing to be afraid of. Gray and black are spectacular in all their forms. They form a perfect mix between the consideration of harmony and contrast.

The objective of combining different colors is to seek harmony in the garments, achieving a balance at the midpoint. In general, contrasts generate harmony and colors that are balanced calm the opposites. If you have fair skin, light gray shirts will suit you better, on the contrary if you have a pinker skin, dark grays will suit you better.


Which tie goes best with a gray shirt?

Ties are usually an accessory that complements the look. They are generally used for more formal occasions. With gray shirts, for example, you can wear a gray tie but in a different tone than the shirt, lighter or darker.

Gray shirts can be combined with patterned or striped ties but always remember that they must be within the range of colors that complement the shirt and at the same time contrast, that is, use a print that has tones a little higher or lower than the shirt.

The main thing is to create harmony at the time of dressing, so if we use a light gray shirt, you can opt for pastel ties because, in this case, the dark tones may be too striking to the eye. The same does not happen with dark gray, since with this shade any of the previous ones will do.

Shoes to wear with a black suit and gray shirt:

The shoes to choose depend on the occasion. Therefore, you should know that patent leather is only used at weddings and galas. To combine a gray shirt in events that are not so sophisticated you should know that the best colors are dark brown and dark black. And remember: sneakers almost never go well with suits. Especially if it is a formal occasion or event.

If the event you have is rather formal, I recommend that you combine your black suit and gray shirt with black leather shoes. This will convey confidence, elegance and professionalism.

If the event is more casual, you can wear corduroy shoes, either black or dark brown. If you plan to wear a black suit with a white shirt we even have you covered with our article on What color tie is the best for a black suit and white shirt look.


How to combine a gray shirt?

  1. With a tie and handkerchief

Sometimes it can seem overwhelming to think about how to match a tie, how to wear it and everything related to it. But a gray shirt in pale tones can be combined with more vibrant colors such as purple, lilac, pink and red for the tie and handkerchief.. The advantage of these accessories is that you can play and experiment with the designs: if you choose a garment with circles and dots on the handkerchief, the tie should have figures such as diamonds, stripes and even flowers. This is to counterbalance and combine even better the black suit.

  1. Shirts with horizontal stripes

The lines should be discreet and thin, this way you will make the tie and handkerchief are in harmony without falling into excess. To not look uniform and give more color to the gray you can wear brown shoes. This way they will contrast with the black suit. Your main accessory is the tie, so it will be your choice if you go with or without a handkerchief.

When to wear a black suit with a gray shirt?

The black suit with gray shirt is often used in events such as weddings or important parties when you are not the center of attention. It can be worn perfectly if you are invited to parties of very close people. For example, when you are a witness of a wedding, guest of honor at a party. It is also a look that looks great to attend corporate events and formal business meetings.