How to Style Plaid Pants

Plaid pants are a game-changing piece, and we are here to help you style them and make the most out of them.

plaid pants with chelsea bootsAny man who has tried them on will agree that plaid pants are a must-have, especially for the Fall and Winter seasons. There are many reasons why they are a great addition to your closet, starting with the fact that checkered pants can be styled for both formal and casual occasions.

Aside from being very comfortable, they are often made with twilled wool, which makes them a great option for cold weather. Nonetheless, you can also find lighter textile alternatives for Spring and Summer.

Plaid pants can be dressed down or dressed up, meaning you can wear them for a casual coffee break with a friend, a Sunday stroll at the park, for a date or even a work meeting.

Moreover, they never go out of style and they will provide a unique outfit every single time. But let’s move on to the most important part: how to style plaid pants.


How to Wear Plaid Pants

Blue and gray checkered pants are the two most common shades you will find out there. However, you can also try bolder color shades like red, brown, purple or olive green plaid pants.

If you want to opt for a classic, confident style, a pair of gray plaid pants and a black long sleeve shirt will do the trick. This is a great combination for formal events in general, such as work matters. A pair of black loafers will top off the look.

If the occasion requires it, you can add the blazer and tie as well. But if you choose not to, the look will still remain sophisticated and on point. Just so you know, there are even matching plaid blazers for your pants, so you could go with a full plaid suit too, if you are up for the challenge.

On the other side, these pants also work perfectly for casual outfits and you can easily pair them with white sneakers, for example. You can match them with a basic white t-shirt, a few accessories and let the pants get all the spotlight. In this article, you will find out how to wear a suit with sneakers too.

If it gets chilly, you can complete the outfit with a matching hoodie and beanie, or you can choose a denim jacket instead. Casual, but always fashionable.

When styling plaid pants, it is best that you avoid patterns and opt for muted, subtle garments instead. There’s already a lot going on in your bottom area, so it is best that you keep the rest of the look toned down.

Another modern outfit idea is to match your plaid pants with a turtleneck in the same color shade as the trousers. During winter, you can add an extra layer on top with a black or brown leather jacket, or a puffer jacket as well. This is more of a smart-casual look that you can top off with Chelsea boots.

For a polished and chic twist, you can also opt for a gray, black or camel overcoat. Remember, when it comes to styling checkered pants, the color palette you choose is quite important: the pattern itself is already bold, so you need to look for a balance within all the other pieces.

As you can see, plaid pants are an amazing addition to your wardrobe because they are so versatile and they are not an obvious choice. You can wear them for all kinds of scenarios and they will look fresh each time.


Plaid Pants with Chelsea Boots

Plaid pants have become a staple piece in menswear and over time they have been paired up with another classic design: the Chelsea boot. This type of footwear is a wardrobe essential for the modern man and that’s because it can be worn with pretty much everything.

Chelsea boots can be paired with jeans, plaid pants, chinos and even suits. Although they are a classic statement, they are slightly more modern than the Oxford or Derby boots.

Functional, comfortable, fashionable and with a slim fitting silhouette, the Chelsea boots work for both casual, formal and smart casual styles. Just like the plaid pants and maybe that’s the reason why they work so well together.

If you are going for a laid back business look, for example, a pair of blue plaid pants, a white shirt and a matching navy blazer are your best option. Make sure to complete the outfit with a pair of black Chelsea boots. Before we go on with the outfit inspiration, it is important we clarify a few points.

Chelsea boots have a sleek design, so it is best that you opt for slim cut pants, in order to match the shape of the boot. In addition, there’s a variety of shades and fabrics you can choose from, but a high-quality black leather boot is always a safe bet. When it comes to footwear, it is crucial you consider color, material and design.

If you are going on a date or drinks with friends, the plaid pants and Chelsea boots combo is the smartest choice. Even the simplest outfit can become refined and original with these classic pieces.

A pair of brown suede Chelsea boots is another alternative that you can style with a monochrome look. Think of khaki plaid pants, a white shirt, a camel overcoat and accessories, such as a brown leather belt. Speaking of which, this is how to wear brown shoes with a black suit.

As you can see, plaid pants are definitely a good investment: they are versatile, they can be worn all year around and they will always remain trendy. Besides, because the pants’ pattern is already bold, it is very easy to style them.

You just need basic garments, like a white shirt, a pair of black leather Chelsea boots and your favorite jacket to create the perfect fit. If you have more doubts about wearing Chelsea boots with flannel, then check out this post.