Wearing Chelsea boots with flannel

If you are looking for how to wear Chelsea boots with flannel, then you are about to read the right article. We will tell you all about this type of boots and what is the best way to wear them with flannel shirts.

Chelsea boots look great on men with jeans and flannelChelsea boots are a popular style of men’s boots that were commissioned by Queen Victoria of England and are still in use today. This type of boots is fashionable all year but is especially indispensable in winter. At first glance all Chelsea boots may seem the same, but there are actually a huge number of Chelsea boot styles.

All Chelsea boots are laced, with buckles, and also feature zippers, there are some with thicker soles and some with thinner soles. However, Chelsea boots have certain characteristics that make them unique. They were first made to avoid having to waste time tying laces.

For many, Chelsea boots were first popularized by the Beatles, and have become synonymous with them. Despite their iconic paste, Chelsea boots are unique enough in modern times that you’re sure to stand out and make a good first impression with these unique boots. They are an ideal intermediate, since they are neither sneakers nor have the traditional formality of oxfords. For a more casual look they can be worn with a flannel shirt and a pair of jeans, creating a trendy and fashionable look that is sure to set you apart.

There are different ways and styles of shirts to wear. Flannels can also be worn over a hooded sweatshirt. A look composed of jeans, sweatshirt, a flannel on top of the sweatshirt and Chelsea boots on the feet will be extremely comfortable and stylish for everyday wear. The layering of different materials is what makes the look more relaxed and casual.

Chelsea boots are very popular these days because of their simple yet classic look. Most versions of the modern shoe deviated from the theatrical look of the 1960s for a classic low heel with a sleek silhouette. It can be slipped on, off and back on very easily. Chelsea boots give men a timeless charm and are a testament to their heritage.

They are really easy to match as they do not have any prints, accessories or decorative elements, they are plain, simple and above all sober. This last bit is very important, because if you are going to wear them flannel it is necessary to think about with what you will combine with them – and this includes considering which shoes you will wear. Flannel shirts usually get all the attention, so it is necessary to complete the outfit by counteracting that with something less bold, so the ideal match are Chelsea boots.

If they are black, with a very high shaft and a slight heel but without overdoing it, they look great with black and red flannel. On the other hand, brown Chelsea boots go much better with flannel shirts in warmer colors.


Tips before buying Chelsea boots

  1. Chelsea boots are characterized for being a little bit tight, therefore, we recommend you to know the size before buying them. Otherwise, if you buy a bigger or smaller size, they will be really uncomfortable and you will not be able to enjoy them.
  2. The traditional ones have elastic on both sides, do not be fooled by the ones with zippers. Those are not original Chelsea boots.
  3. Classic Chelsea boots have leather soles.
  4. The upper part of them must be made of calfskin leather, although many times they can also be made of suede.

Chelsea boots are ankle-high boots that have an elastic side panel and a tongue at the back, which is there to make it easier to put them on.


How to pair Chelsea boots with Flannel

While they are an extremely versatile type of footwear and can be worn with both formal and casual attire, in my opinion what pairs best with a Chelsea boots with flannel shirts. Being elements that have totally simple and clean lines, they complement and look good with most outfits.

This type of boot is ideal both on the outside of pants and on the inside, being an elegant and stylish shoe, it is worth wearing.


The best season to wear Chelsea boots

The Chelsea boots is a perfect type of shoe to wear during autumn and winter, as they are perfect to combine with flannel. However, no matter how much you like them, they are not an element to wear during the summer because they are really hot and keep your feet warm.

For spring or early summer, they can be used as complements to a look with an open flannel shirt underneath with a super cool printed t-shirt and if you want you can add a jean jacket.  This 6-element look will make you look cool and fashionable for any occasion. If it starts to cool down, just close the Flannel and you’re ready to go! And its super simple.


What Chelsea models are on the market?

Although they are classic elements, you can easily find some variations: with a more accentuated toe, with wider or narrower elastics, in leather, faux leather, in bold colors and prints. There is really a lot of variety to choose from.


How to wear with Chelsea ankle boots

  1. with Flannel for a very cool styling: plaid shirts are in fashion, both men and women wear them. Why do we say that? Because one of the styles of shoes that best combines with this type of shirts are the Chelsea.
  2. With jeans for the trendiest: with ripped jeans, a plain cotton t-shirt in light colors and a leather jacket you can get a very modern look by complementing it with the Chelsea.