How to Wear Brown Shoes With a Black Suit

If you are thinking about stepping out of your comfort zone and matching brown shoes with a black suit, here’s your guide on how to do it properly.

brown men's dress shoesBrown shoes and black suits are a rare combination. In fact, for years, we were taught that these two colors were never to be combined, but let’s be honest, that is just a myth. This color match is a great way to stand out from the crowd and try something new aside from the classic black suit and black shoes style.

So yes, you can definitely wear brown shoes with a black suit. However, this match can be a bit tricky, and there are a few things you need to know to pull it off.

The two main aspects you need to always consider are the shoe style and the shade of brown. And this works with suits, as well as any other articles of clothing you would like to wear, like chinos, trousers or even jeans. These two elements will make a difference in any look.

But enough talking, let’s dive right into it.


Brown Shoes With a Black Suit

The monochrome black suit and shoes combination is always a safe bet. Nonetheless, it’s nice to know that there are other alternatives you can try to spice things up from time to time, such as changing to brown shoes.

Matching brown shoes with a black suit is a sophisticated and out-of-the-ordinary style, but you must choose the right shade and shoe type.

As it is a formal dress code, you need to opt for a dark brown shade to match the suit’s elegance. Any lighter shade of brown might not be a good match, and it could break the outfit.

Brown Oxfords and Loafers

In terms of shoe style, a pair of brown Oxford shoes is a perfect option, yet you can also try brogues or penny loafers.

What makes penny loafers so great is that they are quite a versatile shoe: they can be dressed down or dressed up, making them perfect for various casual and formal outfits.

Remember, these dress shoes are always a good investment because they will last a lifetime and work for any formal event you may have to attend, from work to social occasions. Therefore, try to invest in a high-quality pair. 

In addition, avoid wearing any other colors to keep your look flawless. Keep the outfit minimalistic and monochromatic, and give your shoes the spotlight. You can also wear a one-piece or three-piece suit; the rules are the same.

If you want (or need) to accessorize your look with a belt, for example, then make sure it is the same dark shade of brown as the shoes.

When accessorizing, always ensure that the shade of your accessories matches the shade of your shoes, whether they are brown or black. The only exception to this rule are ties, which don’t necessarily have to match the color of your shoes. In fact, that looks odd.

Take a look at what color tie is the best for a black suit and white shirt look.


Brown Shoes With Black Jeans

man wearing brown shoes with jeansBrown shoes with black jeans are a classic and very fashionable combination. And the great thing about it is that it works for warm and cold seasons. You can keep the color dark, as we mentioned before, but you could also choose lighter shades of brown or tan shoes.

Regarding the shoe type, the styles you would wear with a black suit also work perfectly for denim. That is brogues, penny loafers, or Oxfords shoes. However, you can also try Chelsea boots and suede or flannel dress boots. This is a timeless, relaxed look that you can wear all year long and will always look on point.

On a similar note, here’s everything you need to know about wearing Chelsea boots with flannel.

For example, you can keep things monochrome on top, such as black jeans, a basic t-shirt, and a black denim jacket, or you can play with printed clothing, such as a red lumberjack shirt or a camel knee-length overcoat.


Brown Shoes With Black Trousers

man lacing brown dress shoesIf you are not a denim guy, you might want to try black chinos or trousers along with your dark-toned shoes. For instance, these styles of pants are great for smart casual looks for going to the office or on a date.

As we said earlier, brown shoes might not be the first choice that comes to our minds, but they are a versatile, unconventional alternative that works for multiple looks and dress codes (formal, casual, and smart casual) and never goes out of style.

Plus, if you need help adding color to your look, this is a great way. And still, be able to keep things classy.

When it comes to chinos and trousers, you have different options: you can opt for brown leather sneakers, loafers, Oxford shoes, or even monk strap shoes. In this case, you can choose either dark or light shades of brown for casual or smart casual looks. Both alternatives will look good.

You can match your fitted black trousers with brown boat or deck shoes for casual summer outfits. This is a laid-back but still classic style.

Brown shoes are a perfect example of stepping out of traditional styling rules and still looking good. Stepping out of your comfort zone is sometimes a good thing.

Finally, we hope we inspire you to wear brown shoes more often from now on and make the most out of this timeless option. For more insights on this, look at how to match your shoe color to your pants.