What Color Tie Is the Best for a Black Suit and White Shirt Look?

As it is widely known, the black suit and white shirt combo has been an unbeatable match for ages. It’s a classic, timeless combination that has worked for all men attending black-tie events, from weddings to critical business events.  

Although it’s a harmonious match that never goes out of style, it’s easy to make mistakes when dressing it up, especially regarding color combinations. Leaving shoes aside, choosing the right tie is one of the most important things you should pay attention to. In the end, it is this type of accessory that can make or break your outfit.

Remember that a colorful or patterned tie will automatically become the center of attention in a black suit and white shirt look. For such a seemingly small accessory, it can completely change the tone of your outfit.  

That is why it is so essential that you choose the right color tie to complement your outfit. As usual, there are some color shades you need to avoid and others that will look great on any occasion. It may sound overwhelming, but thankfully, with these few simple tips, you will find it’s not that hard to perfect this classical look.

Pink tie

man wearing a black suit with a pink tiePink is a bold choice, yet it can be stylish and polished when opting for a black suit and white shirt. It’s the perfect touch of color that can add freshness and that trendy, more modern element to such a classic combination. This match is ideal for family gatherings or informal parties.


Black Tie

man wearing a black suit with a black tieIf you are attending an event in the evening, then a black tie is the solution. A black suit with a white shirt is already a wardrobe staple, but add a black tie to it, and you’ll have created the most elegant, masculine, and sharp version of it.

You can’t go wrong with this alternative: minimal effort and maximum impact. It can work for both social and work occasions. You can add a white or patterned pocket square for a pop of color, too (at the end of the article, you will find additional advice on this).  


Grey Tie

Grey is a synonym of authority, a color that mirrors you as an important and influential figure. Therefore, opting for a grey tie should be reserved for specific occasions, especially work events. It’s an up-to-date, frequent combination nowadays.

Men with darker complexion could also opt for a silver tie to achieve a trendy look.


White Tie with Light Blue Cashmere Motifs

This pair is one of our favorite ones because of its versatility. It reflects a casual image, making it perfect for all types of events. If you are having trouble choosing what to wear for an evening event, we recommend you read this article to achieve a suitable and personal wardrobe.  


Burgundy Tie

Man wearing a black suit with a burgundy tieEarlier, we mentioned that a silver tie works amazingly for men with darker complexion. In this case, a burgundy tie is a flawless match for men with lighter skin tones.  


Universal Rules

There are always exceptions to universal rules, but if you are not the type of guy who likes to experiment, here are a few infallible suggestions that can help you out when combining colors and schemes. 

  • A suit, shirt, and tie should always blend smoothly, so a basic rule you can apply is to never wear more than three colors in the same look.
  • Your tie and pocket square colors should be complimentary but only partially matching. For example, you can choose a secondary color from your tie and match it with your pocket square.
  • Ensure your tie fits the suit and is proportionate to the lapels. An 8 or 9-cm lapel is the usual. 


What Tie Colors Not to Use for a Black Suit and White Shirt?

This suit and shirt combination can be styled with any tie color. Nevertheless, there are a few shades that could spoil the whole outfit, so you should stay away from those.  

  • First of all, avoid bright colors at all costs. A pop color is excellent, but a suit, shirt, and tie should blend effortlessly into the overall look.
  • On the other hand, you should also steer clear from orange and green ties, no matter the shades. These tones could detract from the formality of your outfit.
  • If you’d like to try something other than a solid-colored tie, patterns can be a good alternative, yet you should avoid large prints. Go for small and discreet patterns instead (also known as micropatterns) to look youthful and keep the shades to a minimum.  

After all this information, you will surely feel more confident about picking up your tie for your next event. The black suit and white shirt look is an iconic statement all around the globe, and it’s thanks to these small details you can make it your own.  

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