What wardrobe to wear for an evening event?

Every event or celebration has its rules or protocol to follow (if each one were as they pleased, this would be a carnival). For this reason, we have believed it necessary to refer to this topic in one of our posts, since this time is prone to a large number of events. Today we want to influence the ideal wardrobe for a night of celebration because, as you well know, the considerations are completely different from those of a daytime look. You will be the star of the night!

Top Dress Codes for Men

Specifying what the dress code is to attend an event has become somewhat obsolete, but that does not mean that you should pass it through the Arc de Triomphe. It is no longer simply a matter of protocol, but of comfort, since even the strictest standard can be adapted to your personality. The most notable dress codes would be:

Label. Without a doubt, we are talking about the most formal events you can attend, from government events (who is on the other side of the screen?) To very elegant weddings. In this situation, there is no room for error: tailcoat, shirt, white tie and shoes.

Gala. Within the ranks of formality, this would be the second step. We refer to outings such as going to the opera, to an important gala. If this is your event, the protocol requires a tuxedo. As you well know, it is a set consisting of a black suit, shirt, tie or bow tie and black shoes.

Cocktail. While it is true that it is the least formal, it is also the most recurrent. It is the protocol used in communions, baptisms, some weddings… The suit and the tie are essential, although if your thing is to stand out, do not hesitate to opt for the bow tie and suspenders.

Other tips not to fail

  • Let’s see, we get it. You see celebrities in magazines and you see that their looks are as eccentric as they are great, but that does not mean that they go with you. Although it is fashionable, the main consideration is to avoid anything sporty.
  • Originality will always be your strong point, and you can contribute it through the small details. Of course, do not be too excessive, it is not a matter of taking the spotlight from the other guests by being strident.
  • In couple. One usually goes in company to the events that we have discussed previously. Therefore, another of the considerations that you must take into account is the outfit of your partner. You must both complement each other, either by the color of the tie or by a detail that draws the attention of both.

Easy right? Just follow our instructions and you will never feel out of place, regardless of the event or celebration. Stand out with a suitable but personal wardrobe!


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