These are the best shorts and shoes combinations for men

If there’s a piece of clothing you will find in any men’s wardrobe is shorts. Find out how to style them for each occasion and which type of footwear is the right call.

man in shortsShorts are a must-have in men’s everyday wear, especially during Spring and Summer seasons, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean they are easy to style.

The variety of shorts you can find out there is incredibly diverse: there are athletic shorts, chino shorts, swimming shorts, among others. And, although that’s a great advantage, it also means that each style has its own set of fashion rules.

For example, you should never match swimming shorts with leather loafers, right? And neither should you wear socks with shorts, no matter what the current trend is.

It can be a challenge to find the right footwear for each style of short and to be certain that they go along with the dress code. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Shorts are comfortable, breathable and versatile: you can wear them with a long-sleeve shirt or t-shirt, at the gym, a friend’s barbecue or even fancier occasions. And it is only the smart choice to invest in different pairs.

Following, we will explain everything you need to know about shorts and sneakers, and what are their best match.


Athletic shorts

This style is any guy’s go-to choice. They are often loose-fitting, which provides all the comfort and breathability you need, particularly when the weather is scorching. You can wear them at home or when going to the gym, and that is why the best pair to match them are training sneakers indeed.

If you are going exercising, it is only reasonable to opt for a light tank top and knitted training sneakers. However, if you are only planning to lay on the couch or run some errands, you can opt for less bulky and more minimalist sneakers too.

Athletic shorts tend to be more neutral, often offered in black and gray shades, which gives you the perfect opportunity to wear your most colorful sneakers.

Sneakers and shorts are a flawless match, nonetheless, athletic shorts are not the only possible combination there is. You can wear sneakers with chino shorts as well.


Chino shorts

Chino shorts might not be the most formal option in the market, but they are certainly an upgrade from athletic shorts. Plus, they can be dressed down or dressed up, depending on your plans.

As we already said, this style of shorts can be easily worn with sneakers, but not any type. In this case, it is best that you opt for a minimalist style, preferably in a pastel or light color, such as beige or ivory. You need to match the simplicity and refinement of the chino shorts.

If you feel like the situation requires a little bit more sophistication, then you can swap your sneakers for a pair of brown leather boat shoes and a slim fit polo shirt instead of your regular t-shirt. A linen white shirt could also do the trick.

Speaking of which, here’s a beginners’ guide to the perfect men’s summer wardrobe.

A piece of advice, black leather boat shoes are not the best match for the summer days, as the color looks too harsh for this season. It is best if you opt for more relaxed shades, such as brown or even navy blue.

But options don’t end there. If you tend to sweat a lot, for example, leather shoes are not a good alternative for you during hot weather. If that’s the case, you can choose strapped leather sandals instead.

There are leather options, of course, which are far more breathable than the boat shoes, yet you can also find other fabric alternatives. Now, sandals look slightly less formal than the previous option, but by combining the chino shorts with a soft linen short-sleeve shirt, you will create a modern summer look.


Tailored shorts

Like we mentioned before, chino shorts are not the most formal style of shorts, tailored ones are. There is a common misbelief that shorts are only casual, yet menswear dress codes are no longer what they used to be and fashion guidelines are less limiting nowadays.

Certainly, you wouldn’t wear tailored shoes at a wedding or a black-tie event, but they are a fine choice to wear for a daytime special birthday party or having drinks on a pub’s terrace by the beach.

Brown leather loafers are the safest option here, but you could also try high-end, luxury sneakers. Finally, top off the look with a white linen or cotton shirt.

A pair of suede Derby shoes could also be an option, just make sure to opt for lighter shades or even a two tones more modern version. Tailored shorts and Derby shoes can go a long way together.


Swimming shorts

Last on our list are swimming shorts. Currently, you can choose from a variety of styles, from block colored shorts to striking prints.

In terms of footwear, you want something that will be easy to take on and off, and that would also look good whether you are at the beach or having lunch at the local restaurant.

Your alternatives are the classic flip-flops, a pair of stylish espadrilles or white canvas sneakers. The last two are better options if you are going for beers at the pub after the beach, for example. An eye-catching Cuban-collar shirt or plain polo shirt will work perfectly for any plans you have that range from going to the beach to the streets.

The length of your shorts is very important too, especially when it comes to swimming shorts. A good piece of advice is that your shorts should rest a couple of inches above the top of your knee.

This is pretty much everything you need to know about men’s shoes with shorts. You might also find helpful these tips on how to wear shoes without socks.