A beginners’ guide to the perfect men’s summer wardrobe

Summer is finally knocking on our doors, as we slowly leave the pandemic behind. It’s the favorite season of many men: the moment where you can relax at the beach all day long, enjoy a delicious drink by the rooftop or just dive into the ocean until sunset. It’s indeed a very pleasant season 一maybe the best one一, yet it can be quite tricky for fashion beginners.Stylish man enjoying summer outside next to jeep

You may be wondering, what do we mean by “tricky”. Well, high temperatures and long days at the beach are great, as long as you’re wearing the right clothes, shoes and fabrics. But do not panic, we’ve got your back!

We’ve come up with an easy-to-follow guide for men’s fashion beginners that will help you achieve that coveted, perfect hot-weather closet. But no more talking, take a look at these 5 fashion tips on how to nail your summer wardrobe.

  1. Learn your fabrics

There’s a perfectly good reason why this is the first advice leading our beginner’s manual. And that is because it’s a true game-changer. Understanding what your clothes are made of and what they provide, it’s crucial to have a nice, comfortable holiday.

Hot weather is very satisfying, as long as you don’t want to look like you just got out of the gym. Therefore, try opting for lightweight and breathable fabrics, such as cotton,  chambray (which is a linen-finished gingham that works great as a summer substitute if you’re a denim lover) and linen. Almost any natural fabric will do the trick.

What textiles do you have to avoid? Try staying away from synthetic materials, like nylon, acrylic, polyester and fleece. These do not promote natural ventilation and are known for trapping heat and sweat (so basically, for being the opposite of breathable).

  1. From top to bottom

Opposite to what many men would think, you can wear long pants during summer, as well as long-sleeve shirts. You just need to find the right balance.

If you’re wearing long trousers or chinos, for example, first make sure they are made of the right fabric. Second of all, you want to match them preferably with a short-sleeve shirt or a classic crew-neck T-shirt. Please, stay away from V-neck shirts, they are definitely a no-go.

On the other hand, if you’re going for shorts, then you might want to upgrade the look with a linen, long-sleeve shirt. This is a classic, elegant look that can work for both a sunset beach party or a rooftop night out.

In addition, we advise you to choose slim garments: try avoiding baggy clothes or incredibly skinny ones. Remember, summer is all about comfort. If you are wondering if you can combine a long pair of pants with a long-sleeve shirt, for example, of course you can. Just make sure to make it look casual and not like you’re going to the office. Maybe unbutton the shirt a little bit and wear it with total confidence.

  1. Timeless jewelry

Everyone’s summer motto is “the less, the better”. And for a good reason. While during autumn and winter, you can play with layering and textures, during the warmer days you might want to prefer keeping it to the minimum. So, the question is: how do I make my outfit stylish while wearing the least? The answer is jewelry.

Upgrade your looks 一including your beachwear一 with a metal necklace, a statement ring or a minimalist bracelet. Leather and beaded bracelets are a great choice too if you’re going for an indie, folk style.

Regarding metal accessories, although gold jewelry is most trendy during summer because it matches your tanning, silver one is also a perfectly good option if it better matches your skin tone. That is up to you!

Also, visual weight is everything, so make sure not to overdo: one or two accessories the most are more than fine.

  1. Leave your footprint

Finding the right footwear for summer can be quite problematic and confusing, but you just need to keep in mind only these two things: comfort and lightness.

Find yourself a good pair of breathable sneakers, preferably in a classical, neutral color: it can be all-white, light brown or even mesh-grey, for example. A go-to sneaker is the essence of a summer wardrobe because they are a true versatile item: you can style them very easily for both day and night.If you opt for a bolder, more elegant look, then you need to get a pair of loafers. They’re a staple option in men’s footwear and can be worn in other colder seasons too. Just remember to opt for the sockless loafer look during the hot days. When it comes to colors, it’s the same as it was with sneakers: always go for neutral tones and simple patterns.

Summer’s protagonist

We’ve been talking about keeping your summer wardrobe casual and versatile, yet there’s one thing where you can free yourself and really make a statement. When it comes to picking your beachwear, go for bold prints and bright colors 一or both, if you dare一. Think this: it’s the only item you’ll be wearing, so why not go a little crazy with it? Additional advice: keep it medium length, not too long and not too short either.

You’re ready to go!

To recap, building a long-lasting, trendy summer wardrobe is not difficult at all, you just need to follow these simple tricks and you’ll be good to go. Everything is about functionality and comfort, without compromising your unique, personal style, of course.

If you follow these tips, you’ll achieve looks that will last season after season and that will rise above any fleeting trend. Find timeless, classic pieces that you can combine with statement ones, including shoes and accessories. All while making sure the fabrics and materials are practical and work for you.

For more men’s fashion news and tips, stay tuned with us and don’t hesitate to leave your comments if you have any doubts. We all started somewhere!