How To Wear Shoes Without Socks

In the past when shoe designs weren’t as varied as they are today men just had to follow basic and simple footwear guidelines to look elegant, but nowadays with all the available Wearing shoes without socks can be stylish and funoptions in the market these basic items play more than ever a key role on men’s daily outfits not just individually but as a whole.

One of the most popular shoe trends among men currently is going sockless, but how do you wear shoes without socks while staying comfortable and stylish? Wearing shoes without socks can seem like a risky choice to follow but with this practical guide you’ll be ready to rock this and stay fresh during spring and summer!

When to Wear Shoes Without Socks

As with everything, fashion is seasonal and this includes footwear. Ideally, the best time to
wear shoes without socks is during the spring and summer as it will keep you cool and make you look stylish. Even though these are the best seasons to pull this off you can still go for it during other times of the year and just about anywhere, it will look great specially for parties, dinner, a casual outing, to grab a drink or coffee and many more events as long as you go sockless the right way.

Of course, there are also times when not wearing socks can make you look silly, so to not
make a fool out of yourself it’s important to know that this style is a big no for formal
occasions and cold seasons.

The Right Way to Succeed with No Socks

Even though wearing shoes without anything covering your feet might seem like the obvious way to follow this style we don’t recommend it since the result wouldn’t be very pleasant, plus it wouldn’t favor your feet or your shoes very much. If you’re not one of those few genetically blessed men who don’t sweat from not wearing socks, don’t worry, this is how you can make up for that:

  1. Wearing No-show/low-cut socks: Choosing to go sockless doesn’t have to end
    up in stinky shoes and feet, this can be by getting some no-show or low-cut socks.
    It will help you stay comfortable and clean while still having the no-socks look.
  2. Odor-neutralizing spray or powder: As their name says it, these tools will help
    you control and neutralize any bad odors. Using odor neutralizing spray or
    powder before and after wearing your shoes will minimize any unwanted smells.
  3. Use cedar shoe trees: Cedar shoe trees are a handy tool to keep the shape of your
    shoes, soak up sweat and deodorize them. This accessory will also help prevent
    bacterial growth.
  4. Get Insoles: Leather or cloth insoles will add extra cushioning and also absorb
    moisture from your feet.

On the other hand, if you really don’t want to wear no show-socks or insoles just be sure to
give your shoes a 24-48 hour break after each use before wearing them again for optimal use.

Wearing Shoes Without Socks

Now that you know the right time and way to wear shoes without socks, let’s see which
footwear is ideal for this and how you can wear it.

Loafers Without Socks

Loafers are a great way to wear shoes without socksIf you’re just entering the sockless world and you’re looking for the easiest type of shoe to
wear like this, loafers are the way to go due to their slip-on style and versatility. Loafers can look good with basically anything, they are the ideal complement for both day and night outfits and can be used for casual and semi-formal looks. The most popular type of loafers are suede and leather; suede loafers will be a perfect match to shorts and leather will look great with chinos.

Leather Shoes Without Socks

Wearing leather shoes such as brogues without socks might seem like an unusual option but believe it or not, these types of shoes can look good like this. Brown and black are the ideal tones of brogues to create endless outfits; both colors can be perfectly matched with jeans and chinos made of different materials. The lace-up style of brogues will add style and sophistication to your full look. If you’re aiming for a smart casual attire, brogues will be your ideal shoe.

Sneakers Without Socks

Apart from loafers, sneakers are a great choice when going for the no socks style. Sneakers have turned into a regular thing for men of all ages, they are no longer used solely for the gym but have become both streetwear and casual shoes. They can easily be worn without socks, the only key to master them is to pair the right type of sneaker with the right outfit. One way to do this is by picking a low-cut style, another foolproof rule to follow is to choose white sneakers, this will allow you to use any color of clothing. If you decide to go for another sneaker color, just be sure to balance the whole outfit’s color scheme.

Boat Shoes Without Socks

boat shoes are a great way to wear shoes without socksBoat shoes are the most common option for the summer and will give you a sophisticated
look without socks. Whether you’re having a beach day, ha going out with friends or just
grabbing some lunch, boat shoes and uncovered ankles are a great combination. You can get the perfect look by pairing these shoes with chinos, a belt and a shirt.

Slip-Ons Without Socks

Casual in appearance and ideal for informal and laid-back occasions, slip-ons are a great shoe to wear without socks. During the summer and hot seasons slip-ons are going to be the shoes you’d want to wear as compared to the winter, where sneakers will be the right partners. Slip-ons will give you a distinctive and elegant appearance along with a stylish vibe.


As you just read, going for a sockless look is easier than it sounds, so whether you’re looking for a casual, smart casual or semi formal look, now that you’ve read this guide you’re ready to start wearing shoes without socks!

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