How to wear a blazer and jeans with style

Wearing a blazer and jeans might seem like garments from opposite sides, but there’s an in-between gray area where both items can be matched. This is how you can do that.

Stylish man with jeans and a blazerThe smart-casual style is a great alternative for those men who need to look sharp, but want to feel comfortable at the same time, without the need to opt for a full suit look. If you want to learn more about what it is and how you can achieve it, here’s our smart casual dress code guide for men.

Wearing a blazer and jeans can look great, but the task is not as easy as it may sound. You can’t just choose any pair of jeans and any random blazer, and expect them to work together. There are a few things to take into consideration in order to achieve that smart-casual look, like fabrics, textures and fit, for example. Let’s dive right into them!


A Versatile, Effortless Look

Aside from being far more comfortable than a full suit, the blazer and jeans outfit is also very versatile.

Because it’s in the middle area between casual and formal, you can wear this look to a variety of occasions and seasons: from work to social events (including dates), during day or night, and during both cold and warm seasons as well.

The smart-casual look is a great option, especially if you don’t want to look either overdressed or too laid back.


Contrast and Balance

As we said earlier, you can’t pick a random pair of jeans or blazer from your wardrobe. It needs to be a thoughtful, strategic choice and here’s why.

Fabrics and textures play a huge role when it comes to the smart-casual dress code. And that is because they are the key to create that perfect balance between casual and formal.

Blazers, for example, are often made of wool and they have very little texture. Jeans, on the other hand, are made of denim, which is exactly the opposite. As a consequence, the contrast between both pieces would be too much and the whole look would break in an instant.

Another contrast to bear in mind is the fit and cut of both garments. Denim trousers tend to be casual, laid back and relaxed; while blazers usually come with structured, strong shoulders that give them that sense of formality. The question now is, how can you achieve that perfect balance between both ends?


How to Pick the Right Blazer and Jean

First of all, you want to pick an unstructured blazer with no padding and soft shoulders. In that way, you’ll match the casual style of jeans, without losing that sense of formality of the smart-casual dress code or compromising your comfort.

A lightweight, breathable blazer that adapts to your shoulders’ natural shape is the best alternative. Think about Italian-style cuts, for example.

On a second note, you need to pay attention to textures. As we said earlier, denim trousers tend to have a lot of texture, so you want to pick a blazer that complements this rather than create contrast. Tweed and corduroy, for example, are fabrics associated with laid-back, casual tailoring and they would be perfect to match with jeans.

Now, what about jeans? Well, the main thing you need to take into consideration is the fit. We are talking about a smart-casual look, so you can’t opt for baggy trousers or loose silhouettes. Instead, you need to opt for a cut that is slim, tailored and that fits perfectly.

You don’t want to go too tight though: choose a pair of jeans that both compliments your legs and it’s still comfortable. If you are having doubts about what looks best on you, here’s how to dress appropriately based on your body type.


What Shades you Should Choose

Dark blue and black jeans are the two main options here, and honestly any man should have at least one pair of each in their wardrobe. They are the most versatile options to match with a blazer, but of course that will also depend on the color of your upper half.

Pairing a blazer with jeans for a stylish yet casual lookDark blue jeans are a perfect match for blue blazers, but they also work great with different shades of brown, like beige. If you are attempting to create a monochrome look, then you should definitely opt for a black pair of jeans. Match them with a charcoal or gray blazer and you’re ready to go!

When matching a blazer and jeans, you want to stick to classic color combos and this applies to accessories as well. Neutral, timeless shades are always the best alternative.

Nonetheless, if you feel like stepping out of your comfort zone, you can wear a patterned blazer and match it with a pair of black jeans. A statement blazer is absolutely an option, but remember to keep things balanced with your bottom half.

In addition, for the summer season, you can also opt for a white monochrome look, which you can complete with a colorful, contrasting blazer.


Outfit Inspiration

Let’s say you opt for a light brown blazer and indigo jeans. Then you can top off the outfit with dark brown leather Chelsea boots and a beige overcoat, if it’s too cold outside. Under the blazer, you can opt for a white button-down shirt or you can also add a navy blue turtleneck sweater if necessary.

Another outfit idea is changing the button-down shirt for a knitted crew neck, slim fit cotton T-shirt or polo shirt. All in the same shades as the jeans and blazer. This monochrome look can be completed with a pair of dress shoes or loafers, which are always a safe bet when it comes to smart-casual dress code.

During the autumn and winter season, you can choose from a variety of sweaters and styles. If a turtleneck is not your favorite option, then you can replace it with a V-neck knitted sweater.

Speaking of style and cold, these are the fashion trends for the Fall/Winter season.