Best anniversary gifts for her

If your anniversary is coming soon and you’re still struggling on what to get your partner, these are some ideas of the best anniversary gifts for her.

anniversary gifts for herPicking a present for someone is already a tough task for itself. And it only gets harder when that person is your partner and you are celebrating your anniversary. It may look like an easy job, but let’s face it, most of the time guys make the wrong choice.

First of all, time is key. An anniversary is a relevant date to celebrate and for that reason you should take the due time to make it as special as it is. Of course, life can get really busy sometimes, but within your possibilities try to plan your present in advance.

You never know what can go wrong and for sure you don’t want to be caught short of time. To help you nail the task, these are our favorite anniversary gifts for her.



An important detail when picking an anniversary present is to choose a gift that will survive time and remain everlasting. In other words, flowers are always a beautiful gesture, but a celebration like such often requires a present that outlives time. Something that she can still wear or revisit even ten years later.

Jewelry, for example, is one of them. A golden or rose gold accessory is always a great idea and it is a timeless gift. It could be a necklace, a ring, a bracelet, a pair of earrings or even a wristwatch.

Nowadays, it’s very easy to ask for personalized pieces as well, so it would be a lovely idea to add a personal note or memory to it. In addition, today there are plenty of options available for all budgets, so money won’t be an impediment.


A romantic photo album

In a time when photos are almost exclusively digital, a personalized photo album is a thoughtful idea. You could pick your favorite memories together and print them on paper to last forever.

The best thing is that you can hire online services and get it delivered at your doorstep within days. All you have to do is choose the pictures and that’s it. This is a great alternative, if you don’t have time to make it yourself, but still want to give her a romantic present.


An unforgettable experience

Sometimes the perfect gift isn’t something you can touch, but rather feel. Think about where you had your first date or where you proposed, for example.

A memorable experience can cover a range of options: from a weekend getaway or a spa session, to booking a three-course meal in the fanciest restaurant. If you have been talking A meal at a fancy restaurant is a great anniversary gift for herabout going on a road trip for a while now, maybe it’s time to make it happen. Or it could also involve going to see your favorite band together.

As you can see, it’s the perfect shared experience to celebrate your time together. And the best thing is that it’s an out of the ordinary gift.

On a similar note, a scrapbook is also a great way to gift her something unusual or unexpected. Some of you might be skeptical about this present, but here’s what’s so great about it.

You could fill it with date ideas or all the places in the world you want to visit together. It’s a very romantic way of celebrating all the time you’ve been together, but also all the time you still have left and the new adventures to come. Let loose your creativity!


A constellation map

This type of present has become very popular lately thanks to social media. A constellation map is a very romantic way to depict a special date in your lives: it could be your first kiss, your wedding night or the time she said yes.

A customized constellation map will feature how the sky looked at that specific time and location. What’s more personal than that? You can also include your names and a message.

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A custom gift set

This is still an anniversary present, but compared to the previous ideas this one is more focused on her. That is, instead of a shared experience that you can both enjoy, this gift is more likely to be only hers.

A custom gift set is basically a box filled with her favorite things. That could be chocolates, her go-to skin care products, a scented candle along with her favorite flowers, and a bottle of wine or champagne. Even an aromatherapy package for her to have an at-home spa day.

Think of it as a Pandora box with all the things she loves.

These are all small gifts you can easily find and pick one by one along the week, even if you don’t have so much time to spare. Yet it’s still a thoughtful, romantic idea.


Make it special

The thing with anniversary gifts is that they should be special. As you can see, all the ideas provided before have one thing in common: they are personal. That means they focus on a special memory, a shared goal (like sky-diving together) or the things she enjoys.

Therefore, when choosing an anniversary present try to avoid impersonal gifts, such as gift cards or gym memberships, for example. You want to show that you know her, you know what she likes and what she wants.

It’s all about focusing on her and your relationship. Don’t get caught in trends or try to compare your gift to others’ because each couple is unique. In fact, even the most simple and traditional gift there is 一flowers一 can be personal. For instance, if you’ve been together for 12 years, you can gift her a bouquet of 12 roses, representing each year you’ve spent together.

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