How to wear a men’s watch with style

Are you wondering how to wear your watch? Level up your styling game with this complete guide.

Stylish Men's WatchBracelets, rings, necklaces, suspenders, handkerchiefs… The world of jewelry for men has widened throughout the years, yet watches still remain as the unbeatable accessory by default. But, although they’ve been around for so long, some men still have doubts on how to wear them and style them correctly.

We know rules were meant to be broken, but these are the must-follow ones of watch-wearing.


Choose your style

Yes, there are different levels of formality and multiple styles when it comes to watches. Just to name a few, we have pilot or aviator watches, chrono or sports ones, diver and field watches, as well as dress watches… The list is long, but you get the idea.

The watch you choose will depend on the formality of the occasion and the outfit you’re opting for. This rule basically applies to all garments and it’s the typical “know where you’re going”. The same way you wouldn’t wear a tie to a pool party or sneakers to a black-tie event, you should also know there is a watch for each occasion.

In order to pick the correct one, you need to know what outfit you’re wearing too. Dive watches, for example, are meant to be worn with casual, athletic wear; while dress watches are a better suit for business meetings and evening events.

The same way, you should consider wearing lighter colored faces during daytime and darker colored ones in the evening. That is if you are able to choose between more than one style.

Lighter colors, like cream or blue, are often reserved for day wear, while darker shades 一such as black, brown and grey一 are prefered with evening wear.

On the other hand, if you are working on a tight budget, opt for the most stylistically neutral wristwatch, so you are able to wear it in multiple scenarios and match it with a wider color palette. It could definitely be a fully metal watch.


Match your metals and colors

Do you remember what we said about the color of your accessories? Well, that includes watches too. If you opted for black leather shoes, then your watch can’t have a brown leather band. As well, if you’re wearing a gold chain necklace or a silver-tone belt buckle, then your watch should match that metal tone.

Metal watch bands are the most common option and they give that sense of sophistication, roughness and neutrality. Leather ones, on the contrary, offer a more casual, personal and laid-back approach.

To be honest, choosing the right watch is really up to you and your personality. But we do advise you to take these few elements into consideration before making any purchase.

Pro tip: today it’s easy to find multiple style options, including watches with interchangeable bands, which is very practical if you don’t want to spend that much money and own a couple of day-to-day alternatives. Look for straps with quick-release or quick-change features.

By the way, besides sports watches and certain styles for specific professionals, you should stay away from rubber and plastic watches. We assure you, you’ll find a grown-man watch that is as comfortable as those and fits perfectly.

Aside from leather bands, color usually appears on the dial of the watch. Now, this is a personal choice, but we do advise you to opt for a tone that won’t become an inconvenience when combining it with your outfit. Rather than  bright and striking, you should choose neutral colors, like black, cream or even navy blue.

Remember this, the more contrasting the piece is, the harder you’ll have it when styling it. That’s why we recommend metal watches because they are easier to style 一although watches with leather bands are also a fine choice if you want a more natural look.

A powerful accessory

We worship watches because they’re a very powerful accessory: they take your look into a whole new level and add that touch of personality to your style. Nevertheless, they can also have a negative impact if you don’t use them correctly.

If you’re checking your watch constantly during a date or a meeting, it will definitely give the wrong impression, even if it looks amazing on you. Yes, we know, that’s the whole purpose of wearing a watch. But looking at it constantly can be as rude as checking your phone. All we are saying is be conscious about how and when you do it.



  • One of the things you shouldn’t do at all is wear your watch over your shirt cuff. It should be beneath it and the watch should only peek out when your arm is bent.
  • Your watch shouldn’t be neither too tight nor too loose. It should allow full motion of the wrist, but never move around it like a hula hoop.
  • Avoid wearing smartwatches at fancy events. They tend not to match with a suit and in addition they might look inappropriate for the event.

Tradition says you should wear your watch on your less dominant hand and here’s why. The logic is that you should be able to check the time without compromising your dominant hand, which you might be using for, let’s say, signing a contract.


This was our ultimate guide on how to wear and style one of our favourite accessories of all times: the mighty watch.