Men’s Casual Shirt Styles

Shirts are an indispensable item in a man’s wardrobe. There are different men’s casual shirt styles and are easy to combine and for everyday wear they look great with different men's casual shirt styleslooks. Men’s casual shirt styles exist for all seasons of the year, so there is always a perfect casual shirt style to wear no matter the weather. In this article you will find information about the different types of casual shirts for men that exist.

Wearing the same office shirts for casual looks is a common mistake. Although, they can be used perfectly, it’s good to be able to separate the ones you wear to work from the ones you want to wear for a more casual look.

Many men do not have in mind the different styles of shirts for their outfits, this is because they do not know that there is more than one option of them. Today there are thousands of styles of shirts to choose from. And they make for a super casual look.

Here are some of the options of men’s casual shirt styles:

Oxford Shirt

If you are thinking of having just one casual style shirt I recommend going for this item. A white oxford shirt with buttons will save you in more than one occasion. Besides it is really very fashionable, it is easy to combine. It is a timeless item that will last for a long time if it is of good quality. It is a perfect mix between elegant and casual. This type of shirt is characterized by having a slightly thicker fabric and you can find many similarities with the typical office shirt, but its main purpose is not so focused on business but in the comfort that it provides. It is a really comfortable garment to wear. It is recommended to have at least one white and one light blue of this style.


Heavyweight Flannel Shirt

It is a casual shirt that stands out for its prints and type of fabric. It is usually very thick, so it is recommended to use it as an insulator and combine it with different garments to avoid the cold. They are usually elements of vibrant colors and often have patterns of squares or lines. Their thick cotton fabric allows them to retain body heat, so they are ideal for use in winter. The heavyweight flannel shirt is usually worn with a t-shirt underneath. This shirt is a really casual element as they look great combined with leather boots and jeans. They can be used to create casual and alternative looks. They can also be used as a jacket replacement if they are wider and baggier.


Cuban Collar Shirt

The typical characteristics of this style of shirts are a square fit with short sleeves and an open lapel collar. They are usually in bright colors and bold prints. It is a cool style and a bit more elegant than a polo shirt. They can be perfectly combined with a pair of cotton or linen chino pants. And on the feet, loafers or ergonomic sandals look great. Cuban collar shirts are extremely stylish if left outside the waist. Although many men do, when wearing bold prints they are recommended to be left out. It is a style that makes no difference in age.


Linen shirts

Is a key element in the summer wardrobe of any man who wants to achieve a casual look. Shirts made of this fabric are usually cool and ideal for hot days. It is airy, wicks moisture away from the skin and also dries hyper fast. Wearing them gives a casual but smart and a bit relaxed but cool look. In order to take advantage of the properties of this type of fabric it is recommended to use light colors such as white, beige or light blue. To complete the look you can wear thin pants and canvas sneakers.


Shirt with Band Collar

This is a more playful style of shirt. Not all men dare to wear this type of shirt. It is a modern and novelty item, its collar looks great on all body types. If you dare to wear it, it’s great because it’s a quick and easy way to give a modern touch to any casual outfit.

The Chambray Shirt

It is an excellent option to wear on warm weather days. Like thick flannel shirts, they are ideal to wear as a layer to keep out the cold. For a casual and modern look they can be worn with jeans or white pants. They are shirts that can also be worn open, with a printed t-shirt underneath. In this way they give a casual look for super modern men.

The polo shirt

Polo shirts were born as a sporty garment, but nowadays men can achieve a casual and modern look with them. However, many men will ask themselves, how can I wear a polo shirt? Because they are really very versatile items. For example, they are ideal for a walk in the park or a dinner with friends. The basics are black, gray, brown, beige and navy blue.


If your skin complexion is dark, the colors that look best are light colors like white and gray. On the other hand, light skins look better with browns, beige and navy blue. If you are going to combine the polo shirt with linen pants, we recommend that you wear a sweater over your shoulders, this way it will complement the look in a more casual way and will give it an extra touch of elegance.

If you want to achieve casual and trendy looks you can have some of these shirts and combine them with different pants and shoes or sneakers.  An extra tip is that if you want to give a more youthful and trendy style you can open some of the buttons at the top of the shirts.