How to wear a men’s flannel shirt

Flannel shirts are probably the most timeless piece a man could own, aside from jeans. And here are our tips on how you can wear a men’s flannel shirt.

men's flannel shirts are a timeless classicNot only are they a classic choice for winter, they can also be very useful during transitional weather, when it’s not exactly freezing, but you still need to remain warm. Flannel shirts are quite versatile when it comes to styling too, as they can work for both casual and smart-casual looks. That of course will depend on how you combine them.

They can be worn for a date, a dinner party, a coffee with friends or during your weekend plans. Options are endless, which is the reason why they should be a must-have in your closet.

So, how can you style this signature garment? Check out the following tips and tricks, and get inspired by these outfit ideas.


Prints and textures

If you are looking for a relaxed and casual style, then you should opt for the check print flannel shirt. But if you are going for a slightly more polished and refined look, then you should choose the plain versions.

If you choose a check flannel, then be aware that it will become the focus point of your look, especially if it features bold colors. So, you should try to keep everything else in your outfit neutral and subdued. Remember, it is all about balance. Most common prints come in red, black, brown and green shades.

plain flannel shirts are a stylish choiceOn the other hand, there are plain flannel shirts. The great thing about them is that they have a more subtle, modern approach, which becomes very handy when trying to dress up for a smart-casual look. As well, they are slightly easier to combine than check flannels. Classic colors include shades of blue, brown, green, black and gray too.

Because they are featured in neutral colors, you have more room to experiment with the rest of the look. You can play with prints, but you can also play with textures and depth. This will immediately elevate any basic look.


Casual style

Jeans and flannel shirts will always be a right match. No matter which denim color you choose, they can all work with flannels. However, black jeans and flannels were synonymous with the grunge era, so if you are looking for an edgy vibe, this is the right match.

Aside from raw jeans, you could also match your flannel shirt with smart joggers. When it comes to footwear, you can top off the outfit with leather sneakers or lace up boots to match the casual vibe.

Regarding the upper part, there are several options. You can wear your flannel as it is or you can layered it with a t-shirt underneath too. The t-shirt can either be plain or feature a small logo or quote. Yet the simpler, the better, as all the attention is already focused on the check pattern. During winter, you could substitute the t-shirt with a black or gray turtleneck.

A third alternative is tying up your shirt around your waist, which if you think about it is actually a predictable move when it gets warm outside. But very few know this is a trick that will make you look instantly more stylish, just like rolling up the sleeves.

If it is too cold outside and you need extra weather protection, you can pair your flannel shirt with a puffer or denim jacket. A parka will also take care of the problem. A leather jacket will do the trick as well, especially if you opted for jeans on the bottom. For a cozy look, you can try chunky knitwear instead.

For a street-style inspired look, you can layer your check flannel shirt with a hoodie underneath. In this case, we recommend your flannel is slightly oversized, so it has more room to stretch. Don’t bother buttoning it up!


Smart-casual look

To achieve the smart casual look, you want to elevate your outfit and the first step to do so is opting for less bright, more toned down colors. For example, instead of light blue jeans, opt for dark denim versions.

You could also substitute your jeans for a pair of matching chinos or wool pants. In fact, wool, corduroy and tweed should be your go-to fabric options when it comes to styling flannel shirts.

While for a casual look baggy clothes are accepted, for the smart-casual style it is better that everything has a good fit, including your flannel shirt. You can pick a slim-cut shirt and you can actually wear it tucked into your trouser for a polished finish.

During winter, you can add a beige wool coat, a bomber jacket or even a puff vest for a workwear-inspired look. To complete the outfit you can opt for a pair of sneakers or suede chukkas, loafers or even Derby shoes if you want a more formal alternative. The classic Chelsea boots are also on the table.

Adding accessories to the look, such as a belt, a fedora or even a bag, will make the outfit more fashionable and personal. Here you can find our smart casual dress code guide for men.


Channel the flannel

As you can see, flannels are absolutely versatile and comfortable, whether you choose a casual check style or a minimalist one. Plus, they can be worn during winter, spring and even summer. In this case, make sure you choose a flannel made of a much lighter fabric.

The only occasions when you should leave your flannel at home are formal and business events. In addition, if you are having a hard time incorporating color into your wardrobe, flannels are a great way to start as you can choose from a wide range of shades and patterns.