How to wear a fedora with style

Hats can bring your outfit to a whole new level and provide you with that classical, dapper touch. This is our guide to wearing a fedora with style.

First thing first, let’s dive into what a fedora hat looks like. This style of hat is usually made of cotton or felt, both durable fabrics and fit for all kinds of weather conditions. Fedoras feature a wide, round and flat brim, along with a shallow indented crown. Moreover, the pinch near the front makes them very easy to be recognized.

Man picking a stylish fedoraHow you wear a fedora 一and any hat at all一 will mostly depend on your comfort. But be aware that they are commonly worn slightly forward on the head to bring some shade into your eyes. It’s a practical accessory on a sunny day, yet don’t let rain stop you from achieving that sophisticated look.


Types of fedoras

As many other accessories, fedoras come in a variety of designs and fabrics, which makes them even greater.

For the summer season, we advise you to opt for a Straw fedora. They have become very popular lately because they check all the right boxes: they’re lightweight, stylish and breathable. If you’re attending a formal event, like a beach wedding for example, a straw fedora in natural tones is the right choice to complement your look.

On a very similar end, we find Safari fedoras. Some of them are indeed made of straw, but you can also find designs made of felt. Safari fedoras are usually top off with a thin leather hatband and they’re featured in earthy, neutral shades like brown, beige and green.

Wide Brim fedora are a bold, elegant and dramatic alternative. Traditionally, a fedora’s brim is about 6,4cm wide, yet that length increases with Wide Brim fedora hats. Not only are they eye-catching and in fashion, they also provide more protection from the sun. Wide Brim fedoras often come in darker shades.

Opposite to this style, there are also Small or Short Brim fedoras. This design looks exactly like the traditional fedora hat, but the brim is much shorter (reason why it’s usually confused with a Trilby hat). Like the previous style, Small Brim fedoras come in darker tones, but it’s also very common to find patterned designs as well.


How to wear a fedora

Fedoras have been alive since the 1920s and the great thing about this style of hat is that it never goes out of style. They might no longer be a wardrobe essential nowadays, but they are a classy and distinctive accessory that will make you stand out for sure.

Fedoras are versatile, fashionable and they showcase good taste. You can combine them with smart casual or formal attire, like suits. They will complete and elevate your outfit, and help you achieve that coveted dapper gentleman look.

As we said earlier, fedoras are a dressy hat. That means they can be worn in formal or semi-formal occasions, such as weddings and dinner parties. Avoid wearing fedora hats with casual clothing at all costs. As well, fedoras should be limited to social, formal gatherings only: avoid wearing them at business and work-related events.

A natural Straw fedora hat matches smoothly with a suit, especially if it’s a linen suit. Another sophisticated alternative to the traditional two-piece suit is matching smart trousers with a fitted shirt and a vest. Roll up your sleeves and add a Safari or Wide Brim fedora to the outfit and you’ll catch all the looks.

If you’re opting for darker colored suits, like gray, blue or black, then you should also opt for a darker fedora. It is possible though to match a dark colored suit with a light fedora hat, and the other way around too. But be aware that these are exceptions and they might not be a good choice for all men. It really depends on your personal style and the event you’re attending.

Wide Brim fedoras are actually a great choice for the winter season. Combine your fedora hat with black skinny jeans, Chelsea boots and a long gray coat, and you’ve got a perfect match. Wide and Small Brim fedoras tend to combine better with fall and winter looks because of the color palette. Here you can take a look at how to wear and style gray jeans.

As you may know, darker tones look better during the colder seasons; while natural, lighter shades look best during warmer days.

Short Brim fedoras are particularly great for semi-formal attire, also known as smart casual. Picture dress pants or chinos in a neutral color, a matching polo shirt and a cashmere sweater on top, along with brown dress shoes. A Small Brim fedora hat will top off that laid-back luxury style.


DOs and DON’Ts

Like any other wardrobe staple, your hat should also fit correctly. No matter the style you choose, your fedora hat should fit perfectly: if it’s too big for your head, the hat will keep on falling over your forehead.

The fedora hat should rest comfortably on your head, right above your ears. Some men tend to tilt their fedora slightly to the side, but to be honest the correct and more elegant way of wearing this type of hat is to wear it centered and slightly forward for functional reasons.

A fedora hat is powerful by itself, so there’s no need to overdo it with unnecessary accessories or patterns. When wearing a suit, make sure the color of your fedora matches the suit’s color palette or it is lighter than it. Fedoras are a very classy, elegant hat, so if you’re in doubt always play it safe.

If you have a large head, we advise you to stay away from short brim hats as they will only make your head look bigger. On a similar end, if you have a small head, you should avoid hats with a wide brim.

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