Guide to wearing suspenders, the stylish accessory every man needs

Suspenders are a timeless, classic, and stylish accessory that every man needs in their wardrobe. But, how do you pull off this look? Thankfully, with this guide we’ve got you covered.

All you have to do is raise your head to notice a trend that has reappeared over the years, the suspenders. They are not only functional and easy to use, but they will add a fun touch to your wardrobe. If you want to get the most out of your next look, you can’t go wrong with this classic.

Despite being a trending topic in fashion, suspenders still raise a lot of questions. The main question is usually how to wear them and still look stylish – nobody wants to look like their grandfather! To pull off the perfect stylish look we will take into account considerations such as width, color, the use of other accessories.

As a first consideration, it should be noted that there are two types of suspenders: those that are fastened inside the pants and those that are closed with a clip. As a general rule, the most popular are the last ones, as they not only provide comfort and practicality, but can also be used in any type of pants. In addition, they provide a touch of informality that does not detract from the elegance of the most daring looks.

As for their width, the truth is that there is no written rule. Of course, the thinner it is, the more informality it will bring to your appearance. Therefore, we advise you to add wider designs to attend formal events.


Can you wear a belt and suspenders?

A common question regarding suspender is if its OK to wear a belt or not when wearing suspenders. As you well know, both articles fulfill the same role (that of holding up your pants), so their use would be merely an aesthetic question. Therefore, we believe that their combination is not necessary nor desirable. You will have to choose between one or the other based on the occasion, but don’t be that guy who wears both at the same time.

What pants do I wear with suspenders?

Clip-on suspenders can generally be worn with any pants, but practicality dictates that you not wear suspenders with the shorts. Likewise, if your pants are too loose, a belt might be the more practical solution – use suspenders for their stylish look, and belts for practicality.

If your pants have belt loops, you should also be considerate of the occasion. In more formal occasions, do not pair suspenders with pants with belt loops. The unused belt loops would look far too unfinished.


Suspenders are a stlyish accessory that every modern man needs in their wardrobe. With the right knowledge you can spice up any outfit, and stand out in the crowd. When done right this timeless accessory can work equally as well in both casual environments, as well as more formal settings.

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