How to style a white t-shirt and jeans

Probably the most essential pieces in a man’s wardrobe, the classical white tee and jeans are definitely a timeless combination. In fact, you probably own (or should) several alternatives for safety. In this article, you’ll get inspired and learn how you can style your white t-shirt and jeans, and elevate your look to a whole new level.

Not only will they never go out of style because they are both staple garments in your closet, but they are also a great fit because they can work during all four seasons.

Stylish white t-shirt and jeansYou can wear them all year around, in both casual and formal occasions, and effortlessly style them according to the weather. You definitely can’t go wrong when choosing a white tee and your favourite pair of jeans, but you need to keep up with the game, that’s for sure.

This undefeated combo is absolutely versatile and you can wear it just like that. Yet, the overall outfit won’t say much about you. So, in order to avoid looking too plain, here are a few ideas to inspire you and help you upgrade your styling game.



A white t-shirt and jeans (especially if they are blue) are a great fit for summer and spring. Because of the light colors, your outfit won’t absorb the heat around you and it will keep you fresh all day long. That, of course, is if you choose a breathable cotton t-shirt and thin denim bottoms.

Now, because it’s warm, the last thing you’ll want to do is add more garments to your look. So, when it comes to styling your outfit for summer you have to rely on accessories. For example, you can play with bracelets or necklaces, which don’t necessarily have to be flashy, minimalist jewelry can go a long way too.

When we say “accessorize”, we mean you should juggle all the options, not just jewelry. Think about your sunglasses, your belt, and even a backpack. The white tee and jeans combination is neutral by itself, so adding statement sneakers or shoes will elevate the look as well.



One of the simplest tricks to upgrade your look without too much thinking, is to throw a printed shirt or jacket on top of your white tee. It immediately styles your outfit and gives it a touch of personality. The two most common options are the classical lumberjack shirt and the denim jacket.

They’re both trendy and timeless, and they can match with either blue, black, white and gray jeans. Styling tip: you can roll up your shirt’s sleeves or tie it around your waist for trendier results.

Replace your denim jacket with a black leather one and a pair of white sneakers 一another option could be laced up boots一 and you’ve got yourself a clear-cut night out look. A statement camo puffer jacket could work as well.

These options could easily work for in-between seasons or one of those breezy summer nights. Yet when it cools down, you’ll definitely need to bring out the big guns. For example, a white t-shirt with jeans paired up with a knitted cardigan and Chelsea boots is perfect for autumn.

For winter, you’ll definitely need more layers to put up with the cold. So, instead of a cardigan, opt for a printed sweater and a cozy overcoat to top it off. Try going for colorful and printed layers that will add contrast to the white and denim look.


Formal events

All the alternatives we’ve mentioned so far have more of a casual, everyday vibe. But if you intend to wear this multipurpose combo for a formal event, it’s also possible. Of course, we are not referring to a black tie event, that’s out of the question, but more of a smart casual situation.

Combine your blue jeans and white tee with a navy blue or beige blazer and pair of brown loafers for a formal night out with friends, a date or even a work dinner with your office mates. If you opted for black jeans, then the blazer should accordingly be darker as well, probably charcoal.

We recommend avoiding a black blazer with denim trousers, even if they are dark-shaded, and leave it to match only with a two-piece black suit because it can cause a confusing contrast between too formal and too casual. Nonetheless, if you feel like you can pull it off, don’t be afraid to try it on!

Play with textures and silhouettes

Now, what if you only wanted to wear a white t-shirt and jeans? Well, there are other ways to make it interesting without the need of adding up to the outfit. When you think of these two staple garments, you probably imagine the round neck, short-sleeved tee and the classical slim-fit denims. But, on the contrary, there are tons of options out there.

For example, instead of the common skinny jeans, you can opt for a baggy style, cropped denims or ripped jeans. You can also choose between high or low waisted cuts. And these are only a few options.

Aside from color, today you can find a variety of styles among denim trousers and going for another cut can elevate your look to another level by itself. And the same happens with t-shirts.

Even if it’s a plain white tee, opting for a different texture to the classical cotton fabric, choosing an unconventional silhouette or a different neck cut can change your entire look and make it trendy without the need of additional garments.


A timeless combination

Needless to say that both your jeans and t-shirt should look on point, as good as new: no baggy or stretched clothes, otherwise the whole look could break down.

Think about these staples pieces as a perfect foundation for you to add as much or as little as you want, and they will still remain a trendy combination.