4 on the Sides Haircut: Your Ultimate Style Guide

Man with a 4 on the sides haircutCurious about the “4 On The Sides” haircut’s subtle sophistication? This cut stands as a beacon where modern style meets timeless tradition. With its reserved length of 13 mm, or approximately half an inch, it carries an air of quiet allure. Still wondering what a “4 on the sides” actually looks like?

Join us as we unpack its versatility, discuss why it’s a top-tier choice for many, and shed light on its low-maintenance charm. It’s not just a cut – it’s a lifestyle statement. Embark on this journey into the “4 on the sides haircut”, a fascinating realm where style and simplicity coexist. Continue reading, and let the story unfold.


What is a “4 on the Sides” haircut?

Ever wonder, “What is a ‘4 on the Sides’ haircut?” This style defines precision, showcasing a neat trim of 4/8 inch on the sides and back of the head, typically achieved with a clipper or trimmer. The top? That’s your call – opt for a shorter buzz or let it grow, shaping your unique look.

What sets the “4 on the sides haircut” apart is its distinct length and adaptability. Perfect for professional settings, this haircut stands out for its sharp, clean lines – a cut above the rest, if you will.

Still, before taking the plunge, there’s homework to do. Start by assessing your hair type. While this cut can cater to various textures, those sporting thick or excessively curly locks might want to rethink. Why? The trimmed sides may present an uneven visual. Thus, a trusted hairstylist becomes your key ally, advising if this style suits your mane.

Similarly, consider your face shape. While the “4 on the sides” flatters certain profiles, it might not favor others, like those with notably round faces.

So, who’s the ideal candidate for this style? Men who aim for a blend of professionalism and style while keeping a youthful, appealing edge.



Getting a “4 on the Sides” haircut

Ready to try this haircut? This journey begins with a clipper in the skilled hands of your barber. Your clean, dry hair serves as the canvas as they initiate the trim on the sides and back. Starting at the nape, the clippers move upwards, uniformly cutting down the hair.

The magic is in the clipper guard, ensuring even length across the board. As your barber ascends, they’ll masterfully blend the areas where the length shifts. Once the precise cutting is done, it’s time for the art of styling and finessing to bring it all together.

However, success rests heavily on clear communication with your barber. They need to comprehend your desired “4 on the sides haircut” and reflect it as accurately as possible. Bring along a reference photo – it’s a visual tool that aids in bridging any communication gap. Mutual trust is vital for an exceptional result and a satisfied exit from the barber’s chair. When you find a barber who gets your vibe, hold on tight. They’re the real deal.



Styling and Maintenance

True, the world of hair care is rife with products, but pinpointing the ones that breathe life, shine, and softness into your “4 On The Sides” haircut need not be daunting. Start with a shampoo that matches your hair type. Trust me, there’s a perfect match for everyone out there. Incorporate hair serums and waxes into your regimen for that extra oomph.

Maintaining the “4 on the sides haircut” requires a keen eye on the sides of your hair. They need regular upkeep to preserve that fresh-out-of-the-barber look. While individual hair growth varies, scheduling a trim every 15 days is a safe bet for most.

But wait, there’s more. Are you keen on a specific style or comfortable with some growth? Adjust your barber visits accordingly. If the sight of a bit more hair doesn’t bother you, consider spacing out your appointments. Remember, it’s your style, but maintaining it well is the key to pulling it off.


Alternatives to the “4 on the Sides” haircut

Exploring alternatives to the “4 On The Sides” haircut? There’s an array of similar yet distinct styles to consider. Take the Scissor Fade for instance, revered for its polished and fashionable charm, or the Undercut and Skin Fade, both champions of sleekness.

Embarking on a style makeover warrants contemplation. Take stock of your current look. Are you craving a subtle shift, or does the prospect of a dramatic change thrill you? These self-inquiries are crucial, as they intertwine with your professional persona and how you wish to present yourself. Never underestimate the power of a haircut – it’s a silent yet powerful personal statement. Choose wisely and let your style articulate your individuality.



Congratulations! You’ve now dived into the captivating world of the “4 On The Sides” haircut, a unique blend of elegance, simplicity, and flexibility. With this newfound knowledge, you’re well equipped to experiment and make an informed decision about your next haircut. Remember, your hairstyle is an extension of your personality and can amplify your confidence. So, whether you stick to a “4 On The Sides”, dabble in a Scissor Fade, or dare to try a Skin Fade, wear your choice with conviction. After all, style is all about self-expression, and you’re now ready to make your mark. Happy styling!