How to wear a men’s scarf

The Fall/Winter season begins and scarves make their long awaited comeback. Check out these tips on how to wear and style your scarf in different ways.

Fashionable men's scarfAside from their obvious purpose, scarves are an exquisite addition to your wardrobe because they can style any look, whether it is formal, casual or business. They’re a complimentary accessory that you can incorporate on a daily basis 一even during warmer seasons一, especially if the weather demands it.

The first thing you need to know is that scarves come in different lengths and widths, in different shapes (rectangular, triangular and square), as well as in different materials, such as wool, silk, linen and cotton. Which one you choose, we’ll depend on the weather, your look and, of course, your comfort.


Styles of scarves

Scarves are absolutely versatile, not just because they can be worn in multiple ways, but because they also come in various styles. They have become a fashion statement not just during the colder months, but during the warmer ones too. Yes, that’s right, during spring and summer.

Short scarves, for example, have to do more with style than functionality. They’re also known as cravats and they usually come in triangular shapes. They might not be the best alternative to provide you warmth, but they’re a sure bet if you want to bring up your personal style.

Short scarves should go tied around your neck, with little looseness, and matched with a contrasting shirt. Tuck the end of the scarf into the shirt for a clean-cut look.

If you’re looking to prioritize functionality, then long scarves are the answer. In order to fulfill their purpose, long winter scarves often come in heavy, thick fabrics like wool or cashmere. These two materials give a feeling of warmth and bring a sophisticated vibe to your look.

Knitted scarves, on the other hand, are also elegant, but they fit better with casual styles and everdaywear. Another trendy alternative when it comes to styles are blanket scarves, which you might remember from Lenny Krativz’s viral look.

As you can see, fabrics and textures play a huge role when it comes to neckwear. We’ve mentioned that you can also wear a scarf during spring and summer, whether it’s for styling purposes or as a protection from the sun. Either way, you’ll need to opt for lighter fabrics: linen and cotton tend to be the most common options.


Colors and patterns

A scarf can have a powerful impact on your outfit: it can totally upgrade it and provide that essential personal touch. But don’t panic, it may sound like a difficult task, but it’s not, especially if you follow our lead.

For example, if you’re wearing a monochrome look, then you should opt for a scarf that has a noticeable pattern. You can choose a scarf with the same color palette as your outfit, but play with the graphics.

If patterns are not your thing, don’t worry, we have advice for you too. You want to build contrast in your look and if you’re not willing to do so with a bold pattern, then you should opt for a contrasting color.

On the other hand, if your look is far from minimalist, then you might want to go for a neutral, unobtrusive scarf. Think about solid colors that match your clothing, but don’t add unnecessary distractions. As we always say, it’s all about finding balance.


How to wear a scarf

We’ve said at the beginning, scarfs can go with pretty much anything: from business attire to a smart casual look, and even with a suit.

Styling a men's suit with a scarfAdding a scarf to your suit can add that touch of sophistication, that sartorial expertise to your outfit. In this case, we advise you to play it safe and choose a style of scarf that feels comfortable to you, particularly if it’s a formal event.

A black, blue navy or gray suit would pair well with a solid color in contrasting shades like red, green or purple, for example. In case you’ve a bold personality, then take a chance with a silk patterned scarf from the same color palette as your suit. Complement, don’t overwhelm.

Whenever you’re layering your coat, make sure that your scarf is fully tucked inside your peacoat’s collar for a tidy look. If you’re looking for a more casual, laid-back approach, then you can let your scarf drape over your shoulders and hang around the back of your collar.

When it comes to puffer jackets, parkas and casual blazers, the style of our choice is to wrap your scarf one time around your neck, but not too tight as a tie, let it hang loose a bit. Another valid alternative is doing a knot, which can either be the easy, short version or the long one.

If you’re wearing a chunky sweater underneath, then try opting for scarves that are light and don’t add bulkiness to the outfit. On the opposite end, if your sweater or cardigan is thin and slim-fit, then you should opt for a heavier, voluminous scarf. Again, contrast and balance.


The power of scarves

Scarves come in handy when it comes to travelling. When you go on holidays, you don’t have much room to pack, so you try to optimize what you take with you. So, it’s usually neutral basics that you can re-wear in multiple styles. To add a pop of color, a distinctive touch, scarves are a problem-solving.

As we said earlier, scarves are a very powerful element, so don’t make the rookie mistake of overloading your look with multiple accessories. Try setting a limit of two or three accessories per outfit (for example, glasses, watch and scarf), in order to keep things balanced.

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