Clothes and accessories that every man should have in autumn

As you should know, building a good basic wardrobe is not as simple a task as it seems. And it is that not only does it try to find key garments that favor you, but that they combine with each other and also, have a good value for money.

Tips for acquiring the ideal wardrobe in fall

Although it is true that each season brings with it some must haves that should never be overlooked, we want to talk to you about our considerations to achieve an ideal outfit without the greatest complication. Think that it is a matter of pure mathematics. 70% of your garments will be destined to cover the basic functional needs. On the other hand, the remaining 30% must be made up of more Top garments. These will be used to match the basic wardrobe.

The basic colors for this season are earth tones (of course!), White and black. However, you can also decorate your wardrobe with clothes and accessories in orange, burgundy or Klein. These will serve to accentuate the main palette.

Essential clothing and accessories this fall

A raincoat. There is no doubt that this is an excellent and totally versatile item. While in spring it can be accompanied by light garments, in autumn you can add it to your look combined with warmer knitwear or fabrics. It is impossible not to imagine taking a long walk in the park, stepping on the dry leaves.

The white shirt, a classic. Is there a more universal garment than this? Without a doubt, it is the great ally of suits, the inseparable companion of sweaters and the item that best combines with pants of all kinds. As a recommendation, we advise you to add your personal touch by adding a casual bow tie or a knitted tie. In this way, you will have as a result a totally versatile garment for both a fresher outfit and a more serious one.

Gloves.  The highest quality soft lambskin, have a warm wool-blend lining inside that complements the pleasant feeling of comfort. Without a doubt, they are the perfect complement for any man, as they offer comfort, warmth and distinction to those who wear them.

Scarves. once autumn comes into our lives, there is nothing better than wearing a scarf to warm up. And, beyond adding a special touch to any look, it is an ideal item to protect the body from low temperatures. Its thin and elongated shape is excellent to be rolled, tied or knotted, creating an elegant and casual outfit.