Guide to Men’s Wallets: Everything You Need to Know

Looking for the perfect wallet? Look no further! Our ultimate guide to men’s wallets has got you covered. From sleek and stylish to practical and functional, we’ve got all the styles you need to find the perfect match for your lifestyle. Let’s dive in!

What Makes a Good Wallet?

men's walletsThe first thing you need to know about men’s wallets is the two primary characteristics that will make for a good one – Functionality and looks.

When we say functionality and looks, we mean that your wallet needs to be practical and fit your needs while having a professional and fashionable look

A wallet that is only good-looking may not hold enough credit cards for your day-to-day. This is why balancing each characteristic when choosing your perfect wallet is essential.

In general, you want to avoid huge wallets that promise you a lot of space to carry many things. Likewise, avoid tiny and impractical ones. The idea is to find the proper harmony between functionality and a stylish appearance.

For many men, this means a wallet that can carry 3 credit cards, some cash, and a driver’s license. Many wallets have an extra storage space behind the driver’s license holder, ideal for insurance and membership cards.

Types of Wallets

A wide variety of wallet options exist, ensuring something for every taste. Here are some of the most popular ones and some things to consider.

Bifold Wallet

Bifold Men's WalletA bifold wallet is a stylish, ageless design that neatly folds in half when closed.

It is often made of materials such as genuine leather, but other options exist, like cloth and synthetic or vegan leather. These wallets are a safe choice to look good and professional while keeping it practical. They are also an excellent option for quick and easy access to your cards and bills. If you want a transparent ID pocket, this wallet will give you that.

Bifold wallets are perfect for the man who wants to carry cash and credit cards, balancing size and storage well. For these reasons, this type of wallet is an infallible option for any man.

Trifold Wallet

Men's trifold walletTrifold wallets are called this way because they fold into thirds; the third extreme of the wallet is tucked in, and the opposite side gets folded over it. These are very compact wallets with plenty of space for guys looking for something that lets them carry many cards. The typical design of the trifold wallets includes a bill compartment (which may also have a bill divider), an ID pocket, and many card slots. Because of their design, trifolds are a bit bulkier than bifolds, but it still maintains their small size.

Trifolds excel at credit card storage space at the cost of efficiently holding paper currency. 

If you have multiple credit cards, from business to personal, and generally carry a light amount of cash, the trifold is a perfect choice.

Slim Wallet

Slim wallet for menIf you’re searching for a super slim wallet that looks good and forces you to keep it minimalistic, then the slim wallet is a great alternative. Despite its small size, you’ll still be able to find space for some bills and cards. A noteworthy feature of this type of wallet is that compared to the trifolds and bifolds, this one will fit really well in your front or jacket pockets.

Slim wallets are trendy, especially for men who carry little to no cash and only a few cards and an ID. The slim wallet is a popular choice as a secondary wallet or a primary for the minimalist.

Some Helpful Tips

Now that you’ve learned about all the wallet styles for men, it’s time for us to share some tips that will help you become a wallet expert:

1. Keep it Simple

Choosing a simple but aesthetic wallet is the right way to maintain versatility and a good look. Simple wallets will always look appealing with any casual and formal attire.

Remember, no single wallet is going to do everything. For example, you cannot realistically expect a wallet large enough to carry your passport to also fit reasonably well into your running shorts – not would you want to do that.

Instead, focus on what role you want your wallet to serve. Feel free to have multiple wallets for different occasions.

2. Choose Your Wallet Wisely

It’s crucial to analyze the various types available to find the best wallet for your lifestyle. Creating a list of pros and cons can be a helpful tool in determining which features work for you and which don’t.

3. Functionality Matters, But So Does Materials

Look for a wallet that matches your style, is functional, and is made of quality materials. A wallet that meets these 3 characteristics will save you a lot of frustration down the road.

4. Consider RFID- Blocking Technology

More and more credit cards have contactless payment capabilities. By simply placing your credit card close enough to a card reader, the encoded financial information is wireless transmitted for payment.

This is great for convenience but not so much for security. If you carry contactless-enabled cards and are worried about security, an RFID-blocking wallet is for you. These are typically metal wallets of the slim variety. They should be clearly advertised as RFID-blocking, as not all slim wallets are this type.

5. Don’t Clutter Your Wallet

Be mindful that every wallet gets thicker after being filled, so try to select one as slim as possible without losing efficiency. Refrain from filling it with cards, receipts, and stuff you’ll never use.

Do you really need that home improvement store credit card you only use twice a year? What about your pet store perks card you cannot remember the last time you used? It’s best to ditch these sometimes cards and leave them at home. Your wallet will thank you.

6. What You Can Do With Coins

Having a few coins on hand is great for the odd parking meter that doesn’t accept credit cards or mobile payment, but don’t try to cram them in your wallet if it doesn’t have a dedicated compartment for them. This is a receipt for ruining your wallet!

Instead, keep a few coins in your pocket or your car if you occasionally need them.


In conclusion, picking the perfect wallet doesn’t have to be daunting or overwhelming. It’s important to remember that wallets are not forever, and experimenting with different types is acceptable. Many men have more than one wallet for different occasions. With this knowledge, you can confidently choose the wallet that best suits your needs.

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