How to wear a beanie with style

There are several ways to warm your ears and head during the winter and avoid the freezing temperatures of the coldest season. Below you will find information on what color you should buy a beanie, how you should wear it and many more tips.

man wearing beanieThis style of beanie has a hem on the brim that provides double protection for both ears and forehead. There are different ways to wear it, but the correct one is up to the middle of the ears, that way it will perfectly fulfill its function, it will keep your head and ears warm. Another winter, this type of accessory is once again a trend and you can’t miss it in your closet to avoid getting cold.

As temperatures drop, one of the best options to avoid freezing winds and protect you from the typical winter drizzle is to wear a beanie. Finding the balance between being warm and fashionable is no easy task that’s why the beanie is an accessory that is not usually taken into account when putting together an outfit but during the winter can not miss, so having one in the closet and knowing how to use and combine it is key to look fashionable and trendy.

What color beanie should I get?

If you are thinking of renewing your closet and buy a new beanie or just want to try how it feels to wear one the best thing you can do is to choose a dark color beanie as these usually match with almost all winter clothes.

On the other hand, what color beanie should i get is a question many men ask themselves and this depends in a high percentage on the type of outfit you wear and the shades in which you usually dress. There is no point in buying a gray beanie if your winter outfits are all in black or dark blue.

Also, there are many people who decide to add color and avant-garde to their looks with accessories so they choose playful colors for them like yellow, parrot green, red, orange, pink or even some in shiny fabrics.

Light colored beanies such as white, cream, ecru or gray look great with black or corn colored coats. They make a color contrast that shows sophistication and elegance at the same time.

Monochromatic looks are becoming more and more popular, as they are a quick and easy way to dress. They save time and make sure that you are well dressed. In winter, monochromatic looks in black or gray prevail widely, as it is the most likely to find all the clothes in those colors and accessories like beanies are not left out.

What materials?

There are several materials to consider.  Thicker or thinner wool, with different weaves. Nowadays, thanks to the technologies with which the fabrics are manufactured, they allow them to adapt correctly to the shape of each head. On the other hand, in the past, the fabrics were much more rigid and did not mold to the head, they were either too big or too small.

Managing to combine textures in a look is not something simple, it is only achieved by people who know about the subject since fabrics can simply elevate or defer an outfit.


What style of beanie?

modern man wearing beanieWith pompoms: they usually have a slightly childish connotation but their origin goes back to the army. They can also seem more for festive events.

Simple back: they are the most classic and well known nowadays.

Reversible: this type of beanie is extremely popular and attractive because you can make a 2×1, a single beanie with two different colors or prints. The inside part can be turned inside out and worn on that side and vice versa.

Lining: they are those that have a thin layer of soft and silky fabric on the inner side that protects it.

Fishing knit: one of the most popular nowadays, this style does not usually cover the ears.


Choosing a beanie is not an easy task, you really have to find the perfect one that fits your head, in many places they are sold by size. So finding the perfect one would be ideal for anyone.

The guide on how to wear a beanie and look fashionable states that the front of the beanie should be just a little above the eyebrow line. And the beanie itself should fit loosely on the top and outside of the head.


What makes an ideal fit beanie?

There are different types of beanies, there are some that are shorter, others that are longer and others that fit looser on the head. To find the perfect one for you the only option is trial and error, until you see which one you like the most and fits perfectly on your head.

As for the color of the beanie, you should avoid excessive patterns as well as bright colors. There are a lot of people who like exaggerated elements, and that way they can attract attention wherever they go.

The world of hip hop and the recent increase in popularity of this musical style has also contributed to the acceptance of this type of accessory. This is so since many famous and successful rappers have used them in video clips as well as in participations to events, photos in their social networks, etc.


How to wear a beanie?

Most people think that beanies have casual connotation but they are not right. They can be dressed in a semi-formal way to go to the office or attend events. In this way they can be combined with suits, in more minimalist styles and combined with neutral colors that match with your jacket or suit. For this style we recommend beanies that are more fitted. Be careful with your hairstyle when wearing a beanie to a formal event.

As for color, the most classic of all is the black beanie. This one can be said to go with all winter outfits, but it’s a must-have. You should get a black or maybe gray beanie and that way you can interchange it in different outfits for the colder season.