Ultimate guide to nail care for men

There are a lot of things a guy can do for himself to be well groomed, but one is often left out of the table: nails. These are all our nail care tips for men.

Looking sharp and clean goes from head to toes, and that includes your nails tooIt all comes down to the details. Looking sharp and clean goes from head to toes, and that includes your nails too. Many guys make the mistake of skipping that step, when it is actually more important that we all think.

Caring for your nails reflects that you take care of yourself, even in the smallest details, and that you have a decent personal hygiene routine. We can imagine that this might be brand-new information for many of you, but do not worry, we got you covered.

This is our guide to proper nail care for men.


How to Clip Your Nails?

Long nails do not look good on any man, not even if you are a rockstar guitar player. But moreover, the longer the nails, the more they start accumulating bacteria and dirt.

If you think about it, we touch everything with our hands and in fact they are one of the most dirty parts of our bodies. So there is no need to encourage that even more.

In terms of when you should clip your nails, it is very subjective. It will depend on each person, so it is not possible to establish an estimated time lapse. Nonetheless, we can give a good rule of thumb: once your nails are getting past your finger or toe pads, it is time to clip them.

On a similar note, it is also important that you invest in the right equipment. You might be thinking that this is a waste of money, but let us ask you this. Would you use just any razor to shave your beard? Or would you buy the cheapest shaver in store to cut your own hair? The answer is probably not.

And that is because you need the right tools to achieve the right results. Cheap compound-lever clippers could end up hurting your nails and the skin surrounding them, so it is not something to be light on.

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These common clippers do not clip your nails in the ideal way and, in addition, they are made of soft steel, which is incredibly dangerous in terms of hygiene. Soft steel tends to get rusty in a very short time and that can cause pretty bad infections.

For sure you can now understand why it is so crucial that you invest in a quality nail clipper, and 一if it is possible for you一 in complete manicure set. If you need to prioritize, it doesn’t matter if you choose a lever or plier clipper, but make sure to invest in one that is not made of cheap metal.


How to Clip Your Nails Properly?

Learning how to clip your nails is essential to avoid any unwanted pain afterwards. Those who have suffered from ingrown toenails probably know what we are talking about.

proper nail care for men is essential to looking your bestWhen it comes to the length, you never want to clip your nails too low or short because that could cause a lot of pain and you could also be risking an infection. That goes for both your fingernails and toenails. Just remember, keep your fingers and toe pads as a reference.

On the other hand, you should never try to round your nails with the clipper, as it is just not possible. For that purpose you need to use a nail file, which is the right tool to smooth out the rough edges of your nails. This is another important step that you should never, ever skip.

If you clip your nails and leave the edges as such, you are creating the perfect environment for an ingrown toenail and therefore a possible inflammation (especially on your toes, which can be really painful). So make sure to always make your nails round on the edges.

Pro tip: the nail files we often see women use for their hands are not exactly right for smoothing your toenails. You should invest in a quality metal file as well.


How to Deal With Cuticles?

Cuticles can also get large or scratchy and, if they do, they can lead to several problems as well. So it is key that you cut them, get them in shape and push them back when it’s necessary. For that end you will need to use a cuticle stick.

But be careful, this only applies to fingernail cuticles! In fact, you should never try cutting your toenail cuticles as it could cause bleeding or infections.

Moreover, to make the procedure painless and perfect you can apply pre-shave oil or petroleum jelly to the area to soften the cuticles. This will make the task much easier and smoother.


Nail the Task

This whole procedure is something that you easily do at home using a nail care kit for men, but you can also go to a professional if you are not on a budget. It is also advisable that you get a proper manicure and pedicure at the salon every once in a while to achieve a flawless result.

We highly recommend doing so if you have an important event to attend and you need to look on point from head to toes.

In addition, both your fingernails and toenails are part of your skin, so you need to take care of them as any other part of your body. If it is the case that you are experiencing nail discoloration, bruised nails, peeling nails or similar signs, for example, it is important that you see a dermatologist.

Finally, just like the rest of your skin, keep your hand, nails and cuticles moisturized! So make sure to invest in a hand cream and cuticle oil. Only a few seconds a day can save you from a lot of trouble.

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