How to Match Your Shoe Color to Your Pants

If you want to know how to match your shoe color to your pants, then you have come to the right place – here we will tell you about the best practices on how to really match your shoes color to your pants to make your outfits look great.

matching shoe color to your pants can make a good first impressionIt’s true that looks are often everything. Making a good first impression by what you wear can open many doors or even close them. While everyone has their own preferences and knows what looks best on them, there are certain tips you can follow to find the perfect match between the color of your shoes and your pants.

Sometimes, is difficult for men to combine colors when dressing. There are some classic and uncompromising color combinations that go on and on through the years. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Black shoes

In almost all circumstances a black shoe is an excellent choice. Every man should have a pair of black shoes in his wardrobe. They can be used for formal events such as a gala or an evening wedding. Also for a romantic formal dinner or, obviously, a business meeting. They are a symbol of formality, elegance and class. However, we must pay certain attention to how we combine them, otherwise we can make some mistakes. This type of shoes should not be worn with white socks as it does not show elegance. The most advisable is to wear shoes with socks of the same color, in this case black. How to combine my black shoes with pants? It is a really very recurrent question, the first thing that comes to most people’s mind is to combine black shoes with dress pants. However, you can also combine them with chino pants, linen pants and even school style pants and they look really great. Also with formal but summer pants, those that are made of cooler fabrics. Whether Oxford or Derby, it’s all about attitude. However, oxfords look great with black skinny jeans. One thing that doesn’t go well with black shoes is shorts.

A classic rule in the world of black shoes is to combine it with dark blue pants when dressing formally and not for more casual matters such as with jeans.


Brown shoes

Apart from black shoes, brown shoes will go with almost every color of pants. From blue, gray and even bottle green. The pants that look best with brown shoes are jeans (in all its varieties), chinos and shorts.  They are shoes that transmit personality and relax a very formal look.

The darker shades of brown look really good with indigo pants. Light brown suede shoes usually match very well with really casual outfits. If we talk about pants, the ones that look best with brown shoes are khaki, beige, white and bone in any of their shades.

To keep them in good condition it is always recommended to keep them in the original box they came in at the time of purchase. These boxes can be stacked and offer the best protection for when the shoe is not being used. If you don’t have the box the shoes came in, what you can do is store them in a bag. Yes, just as you read in a clean bag you can keep your shoes perfectly preserved to avoid scratches. This technique is usually implemented because the heels and soles of other shoes can scratch the top of another shoe very easily. Another advantage of the bags is that they take up almost no space, so they optimize storage space and on the other hand, they are perfect for traveling. When you want to put them in your suitcase to take them on a trip, your shoes are ready in a bag.

Blue shoes

This is an element that looks amazing to attend job interviews. Also to complete a total demin look, where you combine blue pants and shirt with blue shoes. This will generate a slight contrast in your outfit, making the shoes the focal point of the outfit. It is an incredible look for everyday wear.

Another amazing combination is with white and gray. A white shirt with short sleeves, combined with a gray chino pants and completing with blue shoes is an incredible and infallible look to attend any informal event as it is something relaxed but elegant.

Blue shoes are ideal to wear in the fall-winter season.


White sneakers

Everyone in their wardrobe has a pair of white sneakers. This is a really timeless item and stays on trend. As long as they are clean, almost like new and kept in good quality, white sneakers can be worn with almost anything. For example, with a black suit they look really good for a casual occasion. They also look wonderful with a pair of skinny jeans for any occasion, day or night. The same goes for shorts and parachute pants. Whatever pants you have, white sneakers are an item that will look great. It is a type of footwear that can be worn at any time of the year. If you buy a model and material that suits any season you won’t have to worry throughout the year.


Colorful trainers

Colorful shoes, in any of all their styles, are really amazing. Having a colorful shoe in your closet will make it so that if you have any important occasion you can wear it in a hurry. Until a while ago they were only used to go to the gym, now they have also been incorporated into other situations of everyday life. Keep in mind that changing them is a bit complicated. It is recommended to use neutral colors when wearing this type of footwear, to reduce the attention. It is best to wear jeans or, failing that, black pants. They could also look great with jogging pants.


Some basic tips that apply to all styles of shoes are: they should always be in perfect condition; maintenance will also make them last longer. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that dressing in a block, be it in the same tones, will always give the impression that it is something much more formal than a combination of colors.