A complete guide to men’s suspenders

Suspenders are the star accessory that elevates a casual or formal Men’s outfit to the top.

suspendersAlthough they began to be worn in London around the 1820s with the aim of fastening pants, today they are still present in men’s fashion, as a more elegant alternative that replaces the belt. So, if you want to give an outfit a touch of formality nowadays, suspenders are the first option to consider. In this guide to men’s suspenders, we will explain what they are, in which occasions and how they are worn.


Time to choose suspenders

When choosing men’s suspenders you have to take into account the materials they are made of and the style of your garments. There are many types of materials, but the two most popular ones are: fabric and leather. If you are thinking of a formal look, you should opt for fabric suspenders that would be in tune with the fabric of the suit.  On the other hand, leave the leather ones for a more casual outfit, for example, to combine them with chinos, skinny jeans or shorts. However, the most accurate advice we could give you is that under no circumstances you should wear suspenders and a belt, since that combination could break down the whole look.

Another detail to consider is the width of the suspenders. If the suspenders are thin, the outfit is going to look more casual, but if the suspenders are wider, the outfit is going to be more classic or formal.


Which type of date do you have?

If you have a formal event and want to look even more elegant, you can combine the suspenders with a bow tie or tie. Nonetheless, keep in mind Although you should consider that the tie could overload the shirt since you are going to have suspenders on it as well. Do not forget that colors are also another key point to take into account, especially if you are going to wear a suit. For example, if you have a wedding you can choose suspenders that match the color of your suit. As well, it is also important to choose a good quality shirt because it is going to be a formal and elegant outfit. Otherwise, if you are trying to achieve a more casual look, feel free to play with colors, as long as they respect the style.


When to choose suspenders

If you are more of a classic style but still want to take your outfit to another level without suspenders can be worn with a white t-shirt and jeanscompromising your style, suspenders are a good option. Mainly because they give formality to a classic look that would go unnoticed without them. For example, if you are thinking of going to an after office party 一or why not on a date一 and you want to look neat but not too formal, you could opt for a white t-shirt and jeans, leather shoes and leather suspenders to match them. Just to give you an idea of how the final outfit would look like.


How to wear the suspenders

The most important thing you have to know about suspenders is how to fasten them from the shoulders to the pants in the correct form to feel comfortable and safe. You should start by holding the suspenders from the center back and crossing them over your shoulders to fasten them from both sides to the front of the pants. Once they are fastened, you should adjust them to your size: not too loose that you feel they are about to fall, but not too tight that they cause you discomfort.


Details to be considered

When you decide to buy suspenders, we recommend that you look for suspenders with a buttonhole and not with tweezers, since the tweezers can slip. The buttonhole instead  attaches to the button and the chances of it coming off are almost zero, compared to the tweezers that can be unfastened at some point.

In addition, the tweezers are usually designed for a more casual look since, at first glance, they are usually coarser than the buttonhole handle, which remains as a very subtle detail when fastened.

If your pants do not come with buttons, you can still put them on. They should be positioned about two finger widths on each side of the center back seam, meaning they are two finger widths apart below the top of your waist. In the front part, you must place the buttons in a similar way, but taking into account that the straps must fall in a straight line from the shoulder to the waist.


Shape is also important

There are two ways to hook the suspenders on the back: the X way and the Y way.

X-back suspenders are a stylish accessoryThe X shape is different because you are going to need two individual suspenders that you are going to fasten separately on both sides of the pants in the back. Then you are going to cross them in the back in the opposite direction over the shoulder towards the front of the pants. Do the same with the other suspender and you will achieve an X shape on your back.

The Y shape is a single suspender that is divided into two parts. For the back part, there is a single suspender that is attached to the middle of the pants, and it has a joint in the middle from which two suspenders come off (these are the ones that will go in front). This union is the one that remains in the middle of the back giving the shape of a Y, while the two handles are regular in the front part.

Y-back suspenders are a stylish accessoryWhen choosing one of these two ways, the only thing you should to take into account is what kind of suspender are you going to buy and which handle you already have in your closet, since both types are different: for one there is only a single piece (Y shape) and for the other shape (X) there are two individual pieces.

With these tips, you can now go choose your next pair of suspenders considering all the details and you will be able to push your outfit to the top.

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