Types of Jackets Every Man Should Own

When winter arrives everyone wonders if they have the right coat to be able to face the season that is beginning. That’s why here you will find tips and recommendations on the styles of jackets that every man should have in his wardrobe to be able to get through the winter without getting cold and also being fashionable.

Jackets are fundamental elements, they complement a look, and having a varied selection will allow you to interchange them depending on the look you want to complete. Regardless of whether it is more or less cold, if you want to give a touch to the look, more elegant or more casual, there will always be garments capable of meeting this requirement and these are the jackets.

How to choose among the different kinds of jackets?

Knowing their characteristics and learning how to differentiate them will allow you to make a better choice. When you have to make the purchase decision, it is very important to take into account certain factors and details such as measurements, the use you want to give, and the style you have. The color is a determining aspect since it will allow you to make the combinations in a better way.

Types of jackets

Jean jacket: this style of jacket is strongly inspired by work clothes. They are mainly characterized by being durable and practical garments. They provide an excellent appearance and on the other hand, are extremely easy to combine. Every man should have one in his wardrobe because they are items that never go out of style and are always in fashion. On the other hand, Jean jackets are not only useful for winter but also for warmer seasons.

Bomber jacket: the bomber jacket has positioned itself among the favorite garments of many, a basic that you have to have in your closet.  There are many varieties of this style in different fabrics and prints. It is an item that you can get a lot out of it, so if you know how to combine it, you can achieve many outfits.

They can be worn with sweatshirts underneath and for this, we recommend wearing a bomber with a hood. This look is perfect for going out with friends on a cold winter night. They can be combined with jeans and any kind of shoes.

The bombers should not be used with suits or gala items as they have a sportier connotation and not so much for formal looks.

Leather jacket: among the types of jackets that you must have, of course, the leather jacket occupies one of the first places in the ranking. To choose the ideal one, it is necessary to know your size. Also, you must be very sure of the type of material of manufacture because in this way you can take precautions regarding the maintenance of the same.

It can be said that leather jackets are one of the easiest garments to combine and is perfectly timeless.  The combinations are practically infinite. With plain shirts, printed shirts, plaid shirts, or even turtlenecks for colder days. You can also wear sweatshirts underneath with or without a hood.

Feather jackets: these are the typical jackets that will save you in literally any situation as they go with everything and look great.  One of the main benefits is that they are super light and weigh nothing. They can be stored anywhere and take up almost no space at all. For trips, out to eat, go to the supermarket, to work or any plan you can do it with this style of jacket. Another advantage is that being made of impermeable materials can also be used on rainy days and will not be ruined and will not wet the rest of your clothes.

It’s a style that every man really should have in his closet. They can be worn with anything underneath, from a regular sweatshirt to sweaters, and other thinner jackets as layers. They are the choice of many people because you can select the type of padding and thus know how much body heat it will trap. The thinner it is; the less heat it will retain but it will also be more compact to carry or transport.

Thick pile fleece: these are jackets made with a thick pile fabric that creates that perfect vintage look. In the last few years, the thinking about these styles has changed, since they were previously related to old and not very fashionable jackets, but today we can see many young people who are starting to incorporate them in their winter looks.

One of their main characteristics is that they are extremely warm, underneath you can only wear a short sleeve t-shirt and you will be sure that you will not get cold. They are common among people who like retro styles, you have to take into account the type of cut, as it is a style that is characterized by being unadjusted to the body.

Parkas: it is like a coat but with a more informal touch. They look very good in urban styles and are kinds of jackets that are differentiated by their hair on the hood. They usually have many pockets. They are ideal for winter and/or spending a lot of time outdoors for long days.

Parkas are jackets that should fit close to the body and have a longer-than-average length, below the waist. While commonly green, other colors like blue and brown are growing in popularity.

Trench or rain jacket: For the rainy season it is worth investing money in a good waterproof jacket that keeps you dry and allows you to continue doing your daily tasks. This style of jacket is not usually taken into account by many men, but everyone should have one. Trench coats are garments that, thanks to the technology and efficient combinations in the way they are manufactured, allow you to stay dry in the best possible way. Trench coats are very long, and when paired with rain boots, will keep your entire body dry in the wettest of weather.

When purchasing a rain jacket, consider the material it’s made from, as well as if you prefer a hood, pockets, or other niceties like adjustable sleeves. Modern rain jackets come in a variety of styles to suit any taste while keeping you dry.

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