The types of suits every man should own

From social to business matters, suits are a common denominator. These are the types of suits every man should own.

These are the types of suits every man should own.Suits are powerful and almost mandatory in every men’s wardrobe. Yet they also represent a very difficult choice for many guys. There are plenty of styles and types of suits, and the decision to choose one becomes incredibly hard.

You want to make a good investment and pick the best option/s for you, without compromising your budget, comfort and style. So cheer up because we are here to help you make the right call. These are the types of suits you should know about and what makes them a must-have.


Slim fit suit

The slim fit suit is not negotiable. If your budget only allows you to invest in one type of suit, then this is it. It is the most versatile style, which means you will be able to wear it at social events like weddings, but also business matters, such as job interviews.

Regardless of your body type, the slim fit suit looks good on any physique and it will highlight your best features. Think of a two button navy suit that you can wear everyday, all year long.

If the slim fit cut is too much for you, you could try the modern fit suit. It is not as restrictive as the first one, but you’ll still look sleek and feel comfortable. The modern suit is slightly cut through the shoulder, which gives more freedom of movement, and it is slimmer in the chest area.

This type of suit is an in-between the slim fit and the classic suit. So, if you find the slim fit too tight and the classic fit too loose, the modern cut is the perfect alternative for you.


Traditional fit suit

Also known as classic or American cut suit, this style is all about comfort. Compared to The American cut suit is all about comfort.the slim fit suit, it is less constrictive and you can move more freely.

It is a timeless option, but still very stylish, and it is mostly worn in the work environment. On that end, light gray would be the color of choice, but you could also opt for navy blue as well. This type of suit is meant to be worn everyday, hence the importance of the color shade.

Another advantage of the classic fit suit is that they are very easy to work with, in case you need to make adjustments with a tailor. The two and three-button jackets are the standard options, but you might find one or four-button suits too.

The summer suit

Speaking of must-have suits, here’s another addition to your closet for the summer season. This type of suit is more relaxed than the previous ones with an unstructured fit.

The weather should never become an excuse to not wear a suit: you just need to pick the right textiles. The summer suit should be made of linen, lightweight wool or cotton, and it should be either half-lined or unlined. In addition, try to avoid synthetic materials and woven fabrics as they are not that breathable.

In terms of colors, you want to opt for light, earth tones, such as light blue or beige. These options will never go out-of-date and they look refined for both day and night.

The dinner suit

Black tie events might not be abundant nowadays, but they are still a thing and you need to be prepared. You can, of course, opt for rental services, but if you wish to make an investment for this kind of event, here’s what you need to know.

The black tie dress code requires you to look sharp from head to toes. The best option here is the dinner suit or shawl lapel suit. It’s at the top of formalwear. However, if you want to go for something slightly more creative, but still elegant, you can choose the peak lapel suit.

Smart-casual suit

Although suits are usually linked to strict dress codes, there are a few occasions that don’t require a high level of formality. In these cases, a smart-casual style is the best alternative, especially because it’s not necessary to match the jacket and trousers.

A laid-back blazer with patch pockets 一or even contrasting buttons一 can make a modern and sophisticated outfit. Another plus of this type of suit is that you don’t need to wear a tie at all.

Think of a half-lined suit made of lightweight wool or linen in blue, beige or gray tones. If you want to invest in a classic patterned suit, then this is your window. You will look smart and elegant, without compromising your comfort. If you would like to know about it, this is our smart casual dress code guide for men.

How to make the right call?

Unless you wear suits everyday and your budget allows you to have a wide collection of them, it is best that you lean on neutral shades 一like gray, black and blue一. If you are thinking of investing in only one or two suit options, then you need to make the most out of them.

Focus on color, comfort and design. Classic tones and cuts make up for a timeless suit that will remain stylish for a lifetime. Moreover, if you are looking for all-year-around pieces, you should also pay attention to fabrics. Try opting for mid-weight fabrics that won’t feel so heavy in summer, nor too light during winter.

Regarding patterned suits and striking prints, here’s our advice. If you have plenty of styles, then go for it. However, if you are working with a tight budget and you can only invest in a few pieces, then opt for neutral prints and classic tones.

A suit is an investment, therefore you need to pay attention even to the smallest details. When shopping for one, focus on the pockets, buttons, vents and lapels.

Speaking of suits, this is our guide to formal dress codes for men.