The commandments to wear a tuxedo

You have been invited to an event where you must go with an elegant look and you have decided to put on your tuxedo, something that we think is wonderful. However, do you know the necessary guidelines to achieve a sensational outfit? Although it is true that this suit stands out for its simplicity, paradoxically there are a series of somewhat complicated rules that govern this set and its accessories. Discover how to dazzle with this bet!

1st rule of the Tuxedo Club – The rules are to be broken

It is something basic, don’t you think? The rules are to be broken, and you better be aware of this from the beginning. Although we are going to detail a series of conventions, we also encourage their selective divergence. Get comfortable with your look!

2nd rule of the Tuxedo Club – The color of your tuxedo must be black or midnight blue

Although manufacturers offer you different designs that support other shades, the most conventional is to opt for a black or midnight blue tuxedo. This is also extendable to pants and vest. As a last note, wool is still the most widely used fabric due to its popularity and versatility.

3rd rule of the Tuxedo Club – A tailored tuxedo

That passing clothes between relatives is very common. However, the tuxedo is a suit that should stay away from this trend. In case of being borrowed, you will not have the correct cut. We refer you to the first rule, the first thing you should take into account is comfort. For this reason, we recommend a tailor-made choice.

4th rule of the Tuxedo Club – Tie or bow tie

The eternal question. If you are one of the in actives, you will opt for the bow tie. However, if you go beyond the conventions, you will end up with a tie. The first option is increasingly common at weddings, events, dinners, and even for work. And while it is the safe bet, it is still ideal for the tuxedo due to the infinite variety of innovative designs.

On the other hand, the tie is an ideal and infallible complement. However, it is not usual in the tuxedo. Using it in your look does not pose any risk, as it adapts perfectly to any occasion. Of course, you have to take into account both the color and the width of the model.

5th rule of the Tuxedo Club – The sash

Another of the rules that you cannot ignore. As you well know, it is a classic companion to the jacket. As a general rule, the most used are black or gray. However, the market has considerably expanded the color range of these garments, forcing the use of a bow tie of the same color. If you have a double-breasted jacket, you should not wear a sash.

6th rule of the Tuxedo Club – The little details

As in any look, the small details of the set are what make the difference. In the case of the tux, we recommend that your buttons match the cufflinks. You will achieve aesthetic coherence!

Now that you know the main guidelines to achieve a sensational look with your tuxedo, it’s time to get down to work. Follow our instructions and succeed in your events. Elegance and comfort!