The best long hairstyles for men

If you are looking for a change and trying to grow your hair, these are the best long hairstyles for men.

the man bun is one of the best long hairstyles for menLetting your hair grow is a challenge by itself and choosing the right haircut can make the journey even more difficult. From manes to shoulder-length cuts, men’s long hairstyles have become quite popular nowadays.

Nonetheless, which hairstyle is the right one for you will depend on your hair type and your features. In fact, you can take a closer look at what’s the best haircut for your face shape.

Following, you will find the different cuts for long hair and some tips on how to style each one of them.


For long wavy hair

If you have straight thick hair, the shaggy hairstyle is perfect for you. This haircut has so much personality and it looks amazing. The shaggy look has a messy vibe, however, it does require a little bit of effort to style up.

In other words, if you are not willing to compromise a couple of minutes every morning to comb it, then this men’s long hairstyle might not be the right choice for you.

If having thick hair has become a bother to you, then you can opt for a long layered hairstyle. What this haircut does is decrease the heaviness of the hair and it adds movement too.

As well, if you have thin hair, you can try out this approach in order to add volume and texture to your look. The problem with thin hair is that, if you don’t opt for a layered haircut, it will most probably pull flat because of its weight.

It is a fresh new look for guys with square and round shaped faces. These two options apply for wavy or straight hair.


For long curly hair

A similar alternative to the shaggy hairstyle are long curls. This hairstyle looks very natural and doesn’t demand much time. Nonetheless, there are some tricks you can incorporate into your routine to make them flawless.

For example, you can use a styling cream to control frizz when your hair is still wet. A great accessory you can also invest in is a curl diffuser, which you can attach to your blow dryer: it doesn’t create frizz and it helps perfecting the hair’s natural pattern.

If there are two things that characterize this cool, effortless men’s hairstyle are volume and texture. There’s not much to do, except rocking your hair as it is.

Also known as the “surfer hairstyle” or referred to as “beach waves”, it is a no-brainer and low maintenance alternative. You could use a sea salt spray or pomade to top it off, but that is totally optional.

In this article, you will find more low maintenance men’s hairstyles to inspire you.


For long straight hair

As you can see, wearing your hair long is not as difficult as it seems. But, of course, you need to be patient enough to let it grow because it takes time. A lot.

In fact, if you have long straight hair you don’t have to do much, except feeling confident about yourself. You can always add a styling cream, part it on the side or in the middle part, or even braid your own hair. (A fine comb is always handy for this task).

There are a lot of men who opt for the Viking style as well, which is basically growing your hair long and then shaving both the sides and the lower part. This has to be the bravest look. The remaining hair can be then styled into a bun, ponytail or braid.

By the way, there’s no Viking look without a flawless beard. Check out these tips on how to properly grow a beard.


The man bun

We have seen many actors pull this look off and there’s a reason for it: it looks modern, masculine and it is extra comfortable. As simple as it may appear, the man bun has so much personality and it is very flattering, regardless of your face shape and hair type.

Some guys prefer to wear the bun high or low, others tend to make it look messy. Some men even choose to accompany it with a fade on the back and/or the sides of the head.

We highly recommend you try different ways to tie up your hair and see which one looks better on you and feels practical too. Another classic and sophisticated alternative is a sleek ponytail.


Long half-up and slick back hairstyles

The half up is another great idea for men’s long hairstyles. And it is pretty easy to do. First, you need to divide your hair horizontally into two parts. The upper section will be tied into a man bun or ponytail, and the other half will remain free.

A second choice would be the slick back hairstyle, which is a polished and refined option. To make sure it stays in its place all day long, you can use a little bit of gel in the roots. A comb would be practical too, but you can use your hands as well.

The glossy slick back style is perfect for both a formal suit or a streetwear look. Contrary to what many believe, this hairstyle can be pulled off by straight hair and curly hair guys too. Just bear in mind that, instead of gel, you can use mousse or pomade for a better result.


Hair care routine

Rocking your hair long is definitely not the same as wearing it short and, therefore, that requires extra attention. It is not as demanding as it may sound, but it would be top-notch if you invested in a quality shampoo and conditioner, for example.

For those of you wondering if there’s a faster way to make your hair grow, there isn’t. You’ve just got to be patient, there is no miracle recipe to help you. Still, you should keep a healthy diet if you want your hair to look glossy, hydrated and grow strong.

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