How to wear a black t-shirt for guys

A simple, yet powerful item, black t-shirts are a must-have. From a sporty look to smart casual styles, options are endless. This is our ultimate guide.

Man in black shirt and jeansIt’s a basic item that any guy should own in his wardrobe. Black t-shirts are sophisticated and elegant, but at the same time they provide a sense of ruggedness and masculinity.

They can be worn on their own or layered with a jacket or cardigan to add depth to the outfit. Aside on how you choose to wear your black t-shirt, there are a few elements you need to take a look at first. Starting by fit and following by the neckline design.

Let’s dive right into it!


How to choose the right t-shirt

Choosing the right fit will mostly depend on your preferences: that is comfort, style and personality. But there are still a few things we can advise you about.

The most common cuts of tees for men are: the slim fit, the regular fit and the baggy fit. You’re most likely to use the first two, so here are a few rules you should know about.

Slim fit t-shirts work best when paired with slim fit pants, no matter if they are short or long. On the other hand, regular fit t-shirts (that is standard sized tees) can be matched with slim fit bottoms or slightly baggy trousers too. In case you opt for baggy t-shirts, then options are equally baggy trousers or slim bottoms.

Another thing you should pay attention to is the neckline design. The classic one is the crew neck, which you can identify for the round-neck collar. A second alternative is the v-neck style that looks great when layering blazers. It’s a chic approach and it also shows a bit more skin compared to the other necklines.

When layering denim and leather jackets or cardigans, it is best that you opt for a placket neckline type of t-shirt. It’s a classier design that features a button placket at the collar, often worn during the colder months.


The sporty look

While in the past joggers were only limited to the gym, they have now become an essential item of street style. They still feature that sport aesthetic, but they are more fashionable and refined now.

Because of their fitted design, it’s best to pair them with a slim-fit black t-shirt that will elevate the outfit. The final result is a relaxed, but classy look.

If you feel like stepping out of your comfort zone, it has also become fashionable to pair joggers with an oversized black t-shirt. This is a much daring look, featuring an urban, state of the art style. However, if this look doesn’t match your personal style, you can definitely stick to the first option.


Suit up

Another way of styling a black t-shirt is layering it with a blazer. Opposite to other t-shirts, black tees combine casualness with sophistication, which makes them perfect for achieving the smart casual look.

For example, you can layer it with a full suit. In this case, you can choose a crew neck style for a fresh, youthful vibe. On the other hand, if you are only opting for the blazer and matching your t-shirt with a pair of jeans, then you should choose the v-neck line. All the attention will be drawn to the center of your upper body.

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Black t-shirt with jeans

Now, what if we drop the blazer? The t-shirt and denim look is a timeless combination.

Far from monotonous, pairing your denims with a black t-shirt will bring the look to another level. Whether you choose black, gray or even white jeans, a black tee will always be a good companion for these bottoms.

Pair them with leather boots and your favorite pair of sunglasses and you’ll have achieved the edgy, motorcycle kind of look.

To make the outfit more interesting you can also add a jacket on top. This might be the most versatile look of them all because it allows you to transform your outfit from day to night. Our first recommendation will be the classic leather jacket, but there are other options as well.

Denim jackets are a great alternative, especially if you are up for the full denim look. You just need to make sure that your jacket is the opposite shade to your jeans. For example, if you’re wearing a monochrome look of black jeans and t-shirt, then make sure your jacket is blue or white denim.

Moreover, you can also try a suede jacket, as well as a bomber or puffy jacket. Because the black t-shirt makes a great neutral background, you can play with color and texture when it comes to layering it.

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Black t-shirt with shorts

A lot of people think that the color black is forbidden during warmer seasons because it attracts all the heat. But that is just a myth. Black t-shirts make the best companion for your summer shorts, whether they are denim or dress shorts.

When it comes to denim shorts, you can choose between a regular fit or a slim fit black t-shirt. For dress shorts, these options are still available, yet the result will always be laid-back.

If you would like to make your outfit slightly less casual and more polished, then you should try a slimmer t-shirt fit.


Additional styling tips

As you can see, the key to styling a black tee is to keep it simple.

Another rule you should follow is that a full monochrome black outfit looks great, but pairing black with other dark colors is a definitive no. Matching your black tee with dark brown or green bottoms, for example, is a no-go.

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