How to wear a black suit & blue shirt

If you are considering wearing a black suit & blue shirt, read our complete guide to discover how to pull this look off.

man wearing a black suit with a blue shirtThe black suit and white shirt combination is the textbook option for most guys. It is a no-brainer match that always looks good and doesn’t require much effort. However, there are more options out there to try, which may not be your regular go-to choice, but they are still a classic match.

For instance, the black suit with blue shirt combination.

An outfit like such can help you upgrade your day-to-day business wardrobe with little to no effort, so you don’t end up repeating the same outfit everyday. As well, if you are thinking about wearing a black suit and blue shirt for a social event, then you will definitely stand out from the rest of the guests too.

In other words, this unconventional match will work great for both business and social events. Let’s dive right into it!

The Unbeatable Black Suit

A black suit is a man’s greatest weapon. “Why?” You may ask. Well, because it looks great on all types of skins and all hair colors. The black shade emanates sophistication and the slim fitting suit exudes luxury.

You can choose either a classic or a slim fit cut, but no matter which option you opt for, the suit always needs to fit you perfectly. A flawless fit is a key element when it comes to wearing a black suit. That’s out of the question.

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What Blue Shade is the Best?

Man wearing a black suit & blue shirtWhen we talk about a blue shirt, that covers a range of shades. Dark, navy, cobalt, indigo and light blue, for example. But how can you tell which shade of blue is the best for you?

On one hand, if you have light skin and blue eyes, then you should opt for lighter shades. For darker skin tones, on the other hand, we recommend you choose darker shades. It is easy to remember. In fact, you can apply this rule for all types of scenarios.

If you have paler skin tone, then always prioritize wearing warmer, lighter shades because if you go too dark, then you will end up looking even paler. If you have a darker skin tone, then you can try bolder options, such as white and pink.

Aside from considering how to combine the shade of blue with your skin tone, it is also relevant to think about how it matches with your black suit. For instance, a light blue shirt creates an eye-catching contrast with the black jacket and it brings attention to the wearer.

On the other side, a navy blue shirt blends with the dark colored suit and it doesn’t stand out as much as the first option. As you can see, It is all about balance and how confident you feel with each alternative as well.

In addition, there are other ways to create contrasting details in the look, such as a colorful patterned tie or bow tie.

Let’s Talk About Accessories

The black suit & blue shirt is an unconventional match indeed. However, that doesn’t mean you have limited options when it comes to accessorizing.

Black and white patterned accessories match perfectly with a black suit & blue shirt combination, especially with lighter shades of blue. These color combinations provide a certain balance and harmony to the whole look.

As well, think about a solid black tie and your favorite pair of sunglasses. Or a striking printed pocket square to finish up the look instead.

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As we mentioned in the beginning, a blue shirt paired with a black suit can work for the day and the night time, but also for business and social events. Nonetheless, wearing this contrasting outfit during the day is particularly exceptional.

Moreover, when it comes to this combo it is best not to continue adding more colors to it, but rather play with textures and patterns, even in the same color shades. In this way, you won’t overcharge the look, but you can still make it your own.

Black Suit & Blue Shirt

As you can see, a white shirt is always a fine, timeless option to wear with your black suit, but it is definitely not the only one. Blue shirts 一and that covers the entire range of shades一 are just one more alternative to explore.

You can also try gray shirts or bolder colors as well, like a salmon or even black shirts. A monochrome black look is a fine choice as well. By the way, this is how to wear a black suit with a gray shirt.

Sticking to the basic color combinations is an easy and safe way to stay in fashion without thinking too much. And it is perfectly okay. However, we encourage you to not be afraid to try new color combinations! With easy tricks, like swapping to another shirt color, you can make your wardrobe more interesting and personal too.

Playing with new color combinations helps you understand what you like or not, what looks good on you and what doesn’t. And it also provides you the opportunity to try new looks and curate a more unique wardrobe.

What Shoes Should you Wear?

Last but not least, don’t forget about footwear. A pair of black leather Oxford or Derby shoes are our top choices, but you can also try a pair of monk straps, loafers or brogues shoes. Speaking of which, this is how to wear brown shoes with a black suit.

Regardless of the color of your shirt, a black suit should always be paired with black shoes because they are the most formal option. Brown shoes are also acceptable for a black suit, yet not the best alternative for a blue shirt.