Essential rules for wearing a tie bar

We have said it on more than one occasion, accessories are the final touch that every look needs to be 100% excellent. In addition to providing distinction, they serve to show something of our personality to the whole. Today we want to talk to you about the tie bar or tie clip, an elegant metal accessory that serves to join the previous garment with your shirt. By following our advice you will be able to maximize the functionality and appearance of your suit. Don’t wait any longer and take note!

How to Add a Tie Bar Successfully

During the 1920s, the tie bar came into our lives as a distinctive accessory that marked belonging to a certain social group. However, the passage of time has made it open to the public. And the thing is that everyone understands that it is an excellent element that, in addition to a great ornamental contribution, denotes elegance and good taste. Of course, it cannot be added to crazy, and we are going to show you the fundamental rules:

Make sure your tie clip is attached to more than just your tie. Although many people use it in this way, the truth is that it is a very common mistake, as it must also be attached to the shirt. The main objective of this accessory is to prevent the tie from moving all over the place, but it will not look the same if you do not follow what has been said above. In fact, it will cause it to slide up or down.

Put the pin in the exact place. It is the biggest mistake we have seen in recent years, and that is that a bad use of the tie bar stands out especially. Therefore, do not forget that this accessory should always be between the third and fourth button of your shirt. In another position it will ruin the style you want to show off!

More considerations on the tie clip

Size does matter. Obviously, if you are going to add this piece to your look, you cannot ignore the size of your tie. We recommend that the length of the tie bar be between half or two thirds of the garment.

Take insurance into account. In the market you will find two main types of closure: sliding or pressure. While the former allow you to make your tie more even with your shirt, the latter are easier to use because they tend to maintain their position.

Finally, the color of the tie bar. As you should know, color is very important in any look, whether at the time of acquisition or the combination of the different pieces. While silver or matte would fit perfectly at all times, you can make a difference by looking for another type of contrast.


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