You have dandruff remedies to combat it

You are tired of showing off your shoulders in white, nothing is more uncomfortable than this situation, but we can avoid it; we provide you with some tips and remedies to eliminate the problem of dandruff. So you can wear that black jacket that you like so much.

Dandruff is as common a condition as home remedies to eliminate it. Literally millions of people around the world suffer from it and a market for commercial and household products takes advantage of the need to fill their hair with products that, not always, benefit them.

Dandruff is the result of the accumulation of dead skin cells, which fall off in the form of flakes. It does not necessarily mean that the hair is dry, or even that the scalp is. It is possible to have dandruff and have oily hair.

There are different factors that cause the formation and fall of these “flakes” of dead skin, although, to some extent, it occurs in all people.

Although the most common cause of dandruff is due to a fungus , it can have other causative factors, such as allergic reactions (read about natural antihistamines), psoriasis, seborrhea (because the fungus feeds on the oil on the scalp) or stress .

Dandruff can sometimes be stimulated by the use of some cosmetics, including shampoos, conditioners, hair gel, or others.

Don’t use these dandruff remedies

If you have a history of dandruff or are suffering from it, make sure that none of the products you use for hair contain alcohol. Alcohol accelerates flaking and makes the problem more visible.

Acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) is also recommended to combat dandruff, both in popular home remedies and in specialized treatments. Make sure it is not among the ingredients of your dandruff treatment, because it will cause dryness on your skin.

Our skin should be slightly acidic

Many dermatological products have neutral or alkaline components. Although our blood should be slightly alkaline and alkaline foods are highly recommended, not all of our body needs the same PH.

Our skin and hair must be slightly acidic, because they serve as a barrier for hostile agents that could inhabit the interior of our body. Consequently, communities of microorganisms inhabit the exterior of our body, creating a dynamic that plays a fundamental role in our survival.

Fighting these microorganisms with neutral cosmetics or alkaline remedies can be counterproductive for our health. Avoid using them to get rid of dandruff.

Dandruff remedies

Do not use nettle shampoo if you are pregnant, as it is a contraindicated home remedy during pregnancy?

Try complementing your stress treatment with lymphatic drainage, which helps renew your defenses.

  1. If your dandruff is caused by a fungus, the best thing to do is tea tree oil. It is a powerful fungicide and disinfectant. Add a few drops to your shampoo and use it regularly.
  2. Some foods can stimulate the production of dandruff, while others help not to produce it. A proper diet for dandruff can be an ally against this condition.
  3. The second best remedy for dandruff is nettle. Try making a home remedy by mixing nettle with mint and apple cider. Apply it as a rinse after your shampoo, and you will have results in a few days.
  4. If your problem is chronic or very intense, you can use a sulfur soap. Use it instead of a shampoo or mix it with a neutral one, free of fragrances and petroleum derivatives. Sulfur is also an important aid to combat hair loss.

Avoid stress. No matter what remedy you use, a dandruff problem does not resolve itself in a day. Scratching and removing dry skin is a temporary problem, but it can cause irritation and further problems later on. Also, stress lowers the capacity of your immune system and therefore reduces your chances of effectively fighting dandruff.


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