What is casual style and how to do it?

Fashion is present in all aspects of our life, both in the textile market and in the media. However, not everyone knows the current trends and how to add them to their personal style. And it is not surprising, as many considerations must be taken into account such as the main elements, accessories. Today we want to talk about casual outfits, an increasingly popular alternative. Find out how to do it!

What is the popularity of the casual style?

It is enough to consult fashion magazines or raise your head when you walk down the street, one of the styles most used by men today is casual. The motives? It is much more comfortable and easy to combine. In addition, despite its informality, it is still elegant.

Actually, what this fashion aims to do is that the gentleman not only looks good, but is comfortable in every part of his body. However, there are certain garments that do not fit in this style, such as the tracksuit. As you can see, it is somewhat more complicated than you could imagine. Therefore, we want you to also take advantage of this trend through the best advice. Let’s go there!

Bases of the casual look and how to apply it?

  • It is very functional. One of the first rules of this style is that it must give you a versatile look that can be combined with office clothes, study clothes or to go out with friends. That is, be informal, but without losing the touch of elegance.
  • Wear traditional clothing. As we have told you before, it is not about wearing sportswear, but about looking for clothes that combine coherently and provide comfort. This is the case of shirts without a tie, more sporty shoes or a jacket with a T-shirt.
  • Discard the idea of ​​combining colors. Although it is true that maintaining a chromatic harmony is the most recommended in any outfit, in this option you can bet on different outfits. Of course, it is advisable to use neutral tones, earth, blue, black or beige.
  • The prints. Stripes and checks are options that can never be missing from any wardrobe. However, you also have to innovate and give a chance to more current graphics, such as flowers.
  • The accessories, the great forgotten. We have said it on more than one occasion, accessories are those pieces that you cannot deprive yourself of when shaping your look. And thanks to them you will score points and add personality. Of course, avoid overloading.

Now that you take into account the main considerations when creating a casual look, it’s time to get down to work. 6+