Tips to avoid sweat stains on your shirts

We do not know if you have noticed it, but summer has already settled in our lives, causing the odd change in the daily routine. When this issue comes to mind, we think about details such as high temperatures and their consequences, which even affect the wardrobe we choose. If there is a problem closely related to men, it is that of sweat stains on shirts. Find out how to avoid them this season!

How to remove sweat stains this summer

Even the best of your outfits can go to hell for a boiling armpit, but, although it seems impossible, it is not a lost cause. Although it is true that in winter you have it much easier (just wear a sweater or a jacket over your shirts), summer is a season in which you should pay special attention in this regard.

First alternative – colors

First of all, we bring you the simplest and most effective option, resorting to wearing white or black colors. The motives? Although they are not going to avoid the whole sweating process, the truth is that they are colors that allow it to be camouflaged, since they hardly change their tone when in contact with it. On the other hand, do not even think about using gray or blue shirts, as it will produce a totally opposite effect to the previous one.

Second alternative – fabrics

Another consideration that you should take into account when avoiding this type of problem is the use of certain fabrics. As you well know, the market offers you a wide variety of products made in different ways, and it is not the same to wear clothes that facilitate perspiration to those that do not regulate your body temperature correctly.

Nor is it the time to abuse clothing that is too narrow. Although we know that you want to show off the body that you have been sculpting for the rest of the year, we advise you to do so once you take off your shirt. When it comes to dressing, bet on appropriate sizes that allow air to flow between skin and fabric.

Third alternative – undershirt

Yes, we know that adding layers to your wardrobe is not the best option for the summer. However, undershirts are not particularly warm pieces. Furthermore, they will act as a drying fabric, not as a warm garment.

As a last consideration, don’t forget to use a suitable deodorant. Don’t put your shirt on before it’s completely dry on your skin. Otherwise, it would be equally stained by the product.